Men Reveal The Cruelest Thing A Woman's Ever Done To Them And You'll Feel Horrible

by Candice Jalili

If the current state of the world isn't depressing enough for you, I've got something that'll make you just as sad as the rest of us!

In a recent Reddit thread, men shared the meanest, cruelest and downright horrible things women have ever done to them.

While you'd expect most of the responses to be your standard cheating and breakup stories, these are actually dark and pretty dang heartbreaking.

Of course, some of them do involve cheating and breaking up, but this these stories are on a whole other level of psychotic.

If you thought your friend's story about what she did to her ex yesterday was particularly crazy, read these and get some much needed perspective.

She broke up with him out of the blue after FIVE YEARS of dating.

She dumped him for being too jealous of two guys, then dated them.

She admitted to cheating on him at the worst possible time.


She dumped him when his dad was dying.

She married the guy she cheated on him with.

She cheated on him while he was off serving our country.

She ghosted him, then tried to come back.

She constantly changed her mind about her feelings.

She dumped him because he was an orphan.

She got back together with her ex right after saying she wasn't ready for a relationship.

She made him pay her rent by lying about the possibility of them getting back together.

She saved the engagement ring another guy gave her.

Crazy, right? If that didn't shatter your heart into a million pieces, I don't know what will.