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7 People Reveal What They Did When They Walked In On Their SO Cheating

Can you imagine anything worse than walking in on your significant other banging someone else? I can't.

Being cheated on is already bad enough. BUT HAVING TO WATCH IT HAPPEN? That's next-level brutal. It almost seems like something that can't be real, like something that only happens in the movies or on TV.

Much to my surprise, it actually does happen all the time to real people. Real people who then proceed to go on Reddit and write about it for the whole world to see.

Lucky for you, I am included in the population of the whole world and I did see these way-too-juicy stories all over Reddit. So I decided to put together a list of the best of the best, most juicy stories of people catching their now exes IN THE ACT.

What did they do? How did they react? I mean, seriously. What are you supposed to do when you walk in on someone else making sweet sweet love to the person you are supposed to be exclusively making sweet sweet love to?

Read along and see how these poor, poor people were cheated on and how they decided to react.

Also, would just like to note that there was one post I chose not to include here but a guy described the scene he walked in on as "seeing another dude launching his meat missile" into his girlfriend. And I really thought that line was hilarious and we should all try to start using the term "meat missile" in reference to male genitalia more often.

But that's neither here nor there.

Without further ado, here are the craziest stories you will read today.

This guy walked in on his FIANCÉE.

This guy went to get his phone charger and got way more than he bargained for.

This guy got caught ass naked.

This guy got caught in his polar bear jammies.

The second to last sentence is really key here.

This girl got the ULTIMATE revenge.


Here's to hoping that if you ever do have to walk in on the love of your life cheating on you, he pulls out too soon and squirts jizz into the other woman's eye.