22 Reasons I'm Not A Flirt, You're Just Overly Jealous

by Nikhita Mahtani

There's a huge difference between being a flirt and being friendly, but sadly, many guys don't seem to know the difference.

If you're a naturally friendly, confident person and you really love getting to know people, there's absolutely nothing wrong with that.

In fact, being that extroverted will serve you well in life, and you'll be able to connect with SO many different people. But it can get super annoying if you're dating someone who's insecure and jealous.

That's the kind of guy you want to avoid, ladies: He's just going to make you feel bad about being your fabulous self.

If any one of these rings true for you – and yes, they've all happened to women who were dating jealous guys – kick him to the curb.

You're way better off without a needy little boy anyway:

1. I'm not hitting on the bartender; I'm just getting a drink.

2. I'm not more excited to see your friend; I just want him to like me.

3. I'm not in love with my trainer; I just like going to the gym.

4. I'm not obsessed with him; I've known him since I was 6.

5. I'm not trying to get him to sleep with me; I'm just making small talk.

6. I'm not a "tease;" I'm just being nice.

7. I'm not constantly touching his arm; this club is crowded AF.

8. I'm not dressing up especially for your friends; I just like to look good.

9. I'm not constantly texting him; it's called having a conversation.

10. I'm not blushing; it's fucking HOT in here.

11. I'm not trying to get him to like me by laughing at all his jokes; they're actually funny.

12. I'm not coy; I'm a good listener.

13. I'm not sleeping with my boss; I work late because I want that damn promotion.

14. I'm not trying to cheat on you; I'm expanding my social circle.

15. I'm not dating someone else; I just want a social life without you sometimes.

16. I'm not interested in him; he has a boyfriend.

Lauren Naefe

17. I'm not still into my ex; he won't stop calling me.

18. I'm not playing hard to get; I have friends who've been around before you were.

19. I'm not trying to talk to other guys; they keep talking to me.

20. I'm not fishing for compliments, I just like what I'm wearing.

21. I'm not ignoring you; I'm trying to have girls' night.

22. I'm not a flirt; you're just overly jealous.