12 Reasons Why Nights Out With Your Girls Are The Best Nights You Have

by Elite Daily Staff
Universal Pictures

Going out with the girls is like the second “Sex and the City” movie -- you look forward to it, it's easy, and it's not without it's fair share of ridiculous outfits.

There’s no pressure to live up to any expectations, control the volume of your voices or keep your crazy to a minimum.

It’s the only night in which the more outrageous you are, the better time you’ll be having.

Despite seeing your friends regularly, it never feels like you've had enough of these nights.

You FOMO more over missing a girls' night than you do over missing an episode of "Girls." That's because your real friendships are so much more fun to watch play out.

Here's why Girls' Night is the best kind of night.

1. You’re dressing for girls, not men

...Which means you can wear any ridiculously fashionable ensemble you want to. Think: crazy chunky Mary Janes and parachute wide-legged pants and purple lipstick.

You give zero f*cks if you get laid, female praise of your outfit feels much more satisfying, like you were crowned Prom Queen and given the Most Fashionable high school superlative.

2. It doesn’t matter if you get sweaty

Go ahead. Throw your hands up in the air this time and scream “Yayo” and don’t care if those pits are drenched underneath.

Let your hair stick to your wet face. This is the night to live a little!

3. You can wear flats

Who cares if you’re the shortest one in the group? You plan on dancing like no one is watching because you really don’t care if anyone is.

4. You can drink and eat as much as you want to

You’re actually encouraged to consume more, not less. Best friends will even turn this particular part of the night into a competition with no guarantees that you will be OK later.

Even when faced with danger and fat asses, you’re all in it together.

5. You have eight friends to help construct text messages to people you shouldn’t be texting on Girls’ Night

That is more valuable than full cell service during a heated group chat. When do you ever have real, live help you don’t need to pay for?

6. You always have a pal to pee with

You can gossip together on the bathroom line and exchange lipstick colors.

When you lose the rest of the group on your way back, at least you have a buddy to take a shot with.

7. The night isn’t over when you throw up

No one is ready to take you home, but everyone is there to support you -- literally -- when you’re falling down.

Your girls aren’t the ones making out with you at the end of the night. In fact, they’ll absolutely encourage the rally.

8. You can be naked at any time and it’s not weird

No one is Snapchatting your nip slip (actually, your girls might be) or judging you for not shaving your legs this week.

You can pregame without your shirt on and it’s perfectly normal.

You don’t have to wear pants underneath your questionable “dress.” If going bra-less is on the menu, everyone is grateful for the good service.

9. You don’t care about hooking up because you talk about how much you love each other anyway

“You’re so funny when you accidentally tip a $20. I f*cking love you.”

“Shove people out of the way for me! I love you!”

“Everyone can tell that we’re the hottest people here. I love you guys.”

“I’m so sorry I bugged on line. I love you guys.”

10. You’re not worried about impressing anyone

You don’t need to be on the whole time. If you’ve overdone it on the liquor and drank yourself into silence, your best friends understand it’s not personal.

If you’ve overdone it on the liquor and started compulsively lying, your best friends can laugh at that too.

You don’t have to concern yourself with making an amazing impression because these girls love you at your best and worst (however similar those two states may be).

11. Nothing is off limits

Boys, girls, drinks, gossip, drugs, gum, places. Everyone is on the same page and ready to rage.

There’s nothing your group isn’t capable of doing together. This might also be why some people are afraid to hang out with all of you….

12. You’ll always have a dance partner

...Who tells you that you look amazing and won’t creep on your personal space and will sing just as loudly during a J.Lo throwback.

It’s not about being single or taken, it’s taking advantage of every single part of this night with your favorite pals.