8 Reasons Why Your Crazy Friends Make The Best Friends

by Elite Daily Staff

I’ve always been partial to the crazy girls. The ones who push the envelope, do adventurous things and live without care.

To me, being “crazy” was always a compliment. It meant you were wild, free-spirited, unpredictable, but in a non-destructive way. The depths of your mind and personality were more far-reaching than other “normal” people. You weren’t like anyone else. You held your own personal excitement.

I am fortunate to have a large group of crazy girlfriends, all of whom ooze charisma and carry their own story-lines. They are loyal and compassionate and smart. They don’t have bad reputations; on the contrary, many people vie for their friendships.

While most are turned off by the idea of having so-called “crazy” friends, I must say that the opposite, vanilla-type women scare and bother me more. They’re all the same, right down to their leather-jacket-oversized-scarf-moto-boot-egg-white-only uniform.

My friends are all delightfully different, with a vast array of specialities and knowledge and closets. It’s refreshing.

The truth is, in a world that enforces normality and easily rewards its followers, I think all people would benefit from a little bit of crazy in their lives.

It takes you outside of your comfort zone and opens you up to a subtle and exciting array of perspectives. How boring life would be if we didn’t have that outrageous experience or bold companion or ridiculous story?

Crazy friends make the best friends. They’re the ones who stand out, whose shared memories are always two parts fun and one part completely horrifying.

And yet, for all their craziness, they never fail to make you smile. Because crazy friends always “mean it in the best way possible.” They’ll do it for the goof or for the experience and if they fail, they’re crazy enough to pick themselves up again.

I am proud to be part of my crazy group of best friends. They are some of the most interesting and wonderful people I have in my life. And if that seems crazy, well then I’ve come to the right place.

Here’s why crazy friends make the best friends.

1. You’ll always have the best stories

Whether it’s roadtripping in a packed minivan to Mardi Gras or staying up to the wee hours in an underground speakeasy in Germany with sketchy hosts, you and your friends somehow always have the most bizarre experiences together.

You could fill an entire book with all of your outrageous escapades. Others envy your group’s collection of exciting, twisted narratives because you guys have the guts to just go with it, together.

2. They are comfortable with themselves

They’re not afraid to expose their vulnerabilities or the rough patches that make them crazy in a negative sense. These girls aren’t embarrassed by themselves or their extreme weirdness.

They take pride in their out-of-ordinary personalities. This kind of confidence is infectious -- you can be yourself around them in return.

3. They have spunk

Their multifaceted personalities definitely keep things interesting. You never feel like you have to put on airs for them because they are perfectly content being their own entertainment.

It’s a unique and engaging friendship for both parties.

4. They make you more accepting

By taking you outside your comfort zone and opening you up to a whole different way of looking at things, your crazy friends make you a more accepting person.

You begin to understand that there are many kinds of people in this world with a plethora of opinions. And you come to appreciate the beauty of distinct and peculiar personalities. This is an enriching relationship.

5. They make you feel sane

Let’s be honest, crazy friends also have very nutty problems. When you feel like you’re losing it, you can rely on your friends to make you realize that you actually have it very much together, comparatively speaking.

Sometimes it’s comforting to know that as wacky as you may be, your friends are even kookier.

6. They are down to try new things

Crazy friends rarely say no to wild ideas. They’ll boldly tap the guy seated at the bar and make themselves look like fools to get his attention for you.

They’ll shield you from the cops as you publicly urinate. Their rule-breaking is all in good fun. Every outing is an adventure.

7. They have their own dramas -- not drama with you

Crazy friends aren’t crazy enough to bring their best friends into the fray. They instead value the fact that they can rely on you to help them and see things from another perspective.

They are too busy living their outlandish lifestyles to spend time on pettiness. You are each other’s respite from the overwhelming chaos.

8. They’ll support your extravagant dreams

When everyone else thinks your hopes of becoming the next late night host are ridiculous, it’s your crazy friends who believe in you. There is no goal too lofty nor dream too distant.

They’ll give you the confidence you need to do what scares you. Crazy friends believe in the impossible and aren’t afraid to try to make it possible.