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Madison LeCroy And Her New BF Are “Madhappy” After All That Drama

In a cute series of Instagram photos, Southern Charm star Madison LeCroy just went official with her boyfriend — and no, it isn’t her rumored ex-fling Alex Rodriguez.

As of Sunday, June 13, Madison LeCroy is Instagram official with her new boyfriend — and no, it isn’t A-Rod, Jay Cutler, or even her Southern Charm co-star Whitney Sudler-Smith. After months of confusing, conflicting rumors about her love life, LeCroy is setting the record straight: She’s into someone else, and she’s doing better than ever. Although he wasn’t tagged in the pics and his identity is still a mystery, what really matters is LeCroy seems head over heels.

“Madhappy,” she captioned the series of four shots, which depict LeCroy and her new man smiling, kissing, and cuddling up on a boat in Lake Tahoe. But she didn’t stop there. Immediately after putting her boyfriend on the grid, so to speak, she shared a selfie and a video to her Instagram Story. In the vid, he appears to clasp LeCroy’s heel and whisper, “I’ve got you.” LeCroy turns the camera back to herself and adds, “The kind of guy who’s got you… game-changer.”

LeCroy first hinted at her relationship days after Alex Rodriguez, her rumored ex-flirtation, publicly separated from Jennifer Lopez, his fiancée of two years. In an April 17 comment on LeCroy’s Instagram, a follower joked that A-Rod was “on his way” to make a move. “I have a boyfriend!” LeCroy replied, but she didn’t elaborate.

Rodriguez’s history with LeCroy is an unclear, unconfirmed mess, to put it lightly. First, several people noticed he had liked some of her Instagram photos over the summer in 2020. Then, during a January reunion episode of Southern Charm, castmate Craig Conover accused LeCroy of “flying around the country sleeping with… married men, ex-MLB players,” later adding, “You flew to Miami to f*ck an ex-MLB player.”

LeCroy shared her side of the story in a February interview with Page Six, confirming that Conover was referring to Rodriguez. But LeCroy clarified that they “never met up” and were not “physical,” and instead, they just “randomly” talked over the phone. A source close to A-Rod also denied the rumors in an interview with The New York Post.

Since the A-Rod saga, the turmoil surrounding LeCroy’s love life hasn’t let up. She was briefly linked to former NFL star Jay Cutler in January, but that seemed to crash and burn when Cutler made a vague Instagram post about “users,” and LeCroy fired back with screenshots of him reportedly pursuing her. (It was a lot.) Now that she’s official with her boyfriend, though, LeCroy’s Instagram has taken on a very different, drama-free tone. To borrow her words, a new, low-key romance can really be a game-changer.