The 8 Most Low-Key Ways To Celebrate Valentine's Day With Your Boyfriend


Valentine's Day, Shmalentine's Day. That's what I always say.

And who needs a big to do when you have your significant other with you all the time, no matter what?

According to Elite Daily's reader survey, 43 percent of women want a casual night in anyway, and 35 percent of men feel apathetic toward the whole holiday entirely.

So, you're not the big, romantic flowers and hearts type? I've got you covered.

Here are eight low-key ways you and your partner can celebrate the big V-Day:

I have three words for you: IKEA TRIP, BABY.

Every day of my life, I'm just looking for my next excuse to go to IKEA. For some reason, shopping for home goods with my BF is one of my favorite pastimes.

I find giant, well-lit stores soothing and looking for home items with your love-bug to be adorable. Ask them to help you pick out some new night stands, or if you guys live together, shake things up and snag a new couch or lamp.

Boobear + cozy things + shopping = love to me.

Organize your iPhone photos and get them printed out.

Actually, just do this anytime. Don't even wait until Valentine's Day.

Get together with bae and sort through all the photos you have of the two of you on your phones. Pick your favs and download that shit to print.

While technology is making it easier to archive things, the risk of losing them in cyber space is real.

Plus, the nostalgia of having a hard copy of your favorite memories is something you can LITERALLY carry with you throughout your relationship.

Really walk around your neighborhood.

People are creatures of habit. You likely go the same way to work, visit the same local haunts and have your "usual spots" in your neighborhood.

Why not put on your favorite pink or red scarf and take a real stroll to explore the area with your significant other? Take your time, and have no end game or place you're trying to go.

This is a cute way to spend some relaxing, one-on-one time together, stumble on some new memories and enjoy the warm fuzzies of familiarity with someone you love.

Plan a big event for the future.

Skip a big event today and plan something even bigger for the future. Maybe that's a vacation, a party or a big life event you've been wanting to do or plan together.

Jump online and do all the research. Looking at images or articles of something you're looking forward to will be a super positive, exciting way to spend the day together, without leaving your couch.

Then, mark your calendars and toast to being proactive!

Play bartender for each other.

Speaking of toasts, nothing says Valentine's Day like booze. (Right?)

Comb through some fun recipes online and make a quick trip to pick up the ingredients. Then, spend the night playing bartender for each other, mixing up sexy cocktails and taste-testing one another's concoctions.

Bonus: Follow it up with some tipsy (consensual and safe) sex.

Watch "The Great British Bake Off" together. Seriously.


Nothing is as low key as a bunch of lovely British people decorating baked goods to the sound of delicate piano music.

If you MUST celebrate Valentine's Day, trying making your own sweet treats and feeding them to each other in bed while you watch.

Or, just, you know, eat ice cream from the carton.

Make a fort in your living room.

Take a cue from the couple in the feature photo of this article and create a love cocoon in your own home.

If you don't have a tent, use old-fashioned cushions, pillows and blankets.

Spend the day in there together napping, giggling, playing games, toasting marshmallows... just kidding on the marshmallows part... sort of.


Spread the love and find a local community center you can dedicate your joint time to, or pick one of your favorite charities and see if they have any upcoming events.

Giving back is an excellent way to bond with your significant other and share something really special. Plus, you'll make multiple hearts grow bigger and warmer!

The number one thing to remember is, whatever way you like to chill out, just be sure to do it together. It is Valentine's Day after all.