11 Little, Unobvious Things That Let You Know You're Absolutely In Love

Falling in love isn’t as obvious as you'd think. There's no such thing as love at first sight -- not real love, anyway. Love takes time to build; it requires nurturing.

Even falling in love takes time. Especially if we’re still recovering from previous relationships.

We don't realize we’re in love the second we fall into it. Instead, the realization takes the form of an epiphany and hits us when we least expect it. You have to be in love first in order to understand you are in love -- it’s only logical.

There are, however, some little, unobvious things to let you know when it’s time to let yourself fall.

1. You have an urge to hang out with this person daily -- even if you know better than to do so.

You always seem to have a great time when the two of you spend time together and find you’d be happy to see him or her whenever.

You’re more than likely having to hold yourself back from asking to see this person for the fifth day in a row, but you sort of miss him or her. Plus, you know your day will get that much better as soon as you start chatting.

2. When you aren’t together, this person still makes it into your thoughts.

This is how it all begins: First, you think about him or her on occasion; then you think about him or her once or twice a day, and eventually you can’t stop thinking about him or her at all.

Love and obsession go hand in hand -- the obsession part is what we call romantic love. Obsessions don’t form overnight, but take time to build. If you’re already thinking about him or her with growing regularity, you may very well be falling for this person.

3. Whenever this person does make it into your thoughts, you smile instantly.

You can’t help it. And you know what? You wouldn’t help it, even if you could. Just one thought about that face of his or hers, and you can’t help but feel… happier.

A person who can make you smile without even being present is a person worth keeping around. He or she, quite literally, makes your life more enjoyable -- better.

If you have someone in your life who makes you shine those pearly whites, consider yourself lucky.

4. You spend longer getting ready to see this person than you spend getting ready for anything or anyone else.

This one is easiest to overlook as we’re too busy running around and prepping to even realize how much effort we’re putting into it.

If you always try to look, smell and taste your best, you may be in love. It may take you twice as long to get ready before seeing him or her, but you don’t care. To you, it's worth the trouble.

5. Every time you see this person, you feel a little nervous -- even though you know you have no reason to be.

You’ve seen him or her tens of times and you nevertheless still get those butterflies flapping around in your stomach.

You know you have no reason to be nervous, but at the same time, the excitement you feel can’t be helped. Besides, you sort of like feeling this way.

6. You’re not sure why, but you love looking into this person's eyes.

I mean, you like looking at the rest of him or her as well. But the eyes especially draw you in. It’s because you see something in them you aren’t used to seeing.

In his or her eyes, you both see the person few people know him or her to be as well as a bit of yourself. You aren’t sure if it’s because you were always a little part of him or her or if you’ve recently become a part of him or her, but you’re certain you now are a part of him or her.

7. This person feels like home.

With him or her, you can be yourself. You can say what you want to say and laugh at what you want. You get to take off the mask you put on for the rest of the world to see and just be yourself.

Everyone needs a home -- or rather, to feel like he or she has a home. Many times our actual abode doesn’t feel like our home. Often, we find the city or even the country we’re living in doesn’t feel like home.

Finding a home that feels like home is difficult. If you find a person who feels like home, hold onto him or her. When it comes to homes, we often don’t realize how much we need them until we lose them.

8. You value this person's opinion and trust his or her advice.

Some people believe opposites attract, while others will argue just the opposite. The truth is it doesn’t matter whether or not you have the same hobbies, listen to the same music or like the same sorts of movies.

All that really matters when it comes to finding a life partner is how much you value his or her opinion. It’s those we can look to for advice, those whom we trust to know the solution to our problems or the best way to approach our problems, we value most. And rightfully so.

9. On occasion, when this person doesn’t get back to you fast enough, you feel a bit jealous.

What could he or she possibly be doing that's more important than texting you back?! Well, there’s a million different possible reasons, like... he or she's busy.

You know you’re just being silly and the last thing you plan on doing is letting him or her know how this is making you feel, but still… you can’t help it.

10. When this person is in potentially dangerous situations, you genuinely worry about his or her safety.

This one is a bit more obvious than the rest, but many times it isn’t enough to allow us to admit to ourselves we’re in love.

It is, however, usually enough for us to allow ourselves to admit we care about this individual. Caring is step one of loving. You could say as the level of caring increases, it becomes love.

11. You enjoy waking up next to this person and smile as he or she lies next to you, still asleep.

There's no feeling in the world worse than waking up next to someone you don’t want to be waking up next to, but there's none better than waking up next to someone you truly want to wake up next to.

Sure, if he or she knew it might creep him or her out a bit, but you like watching him or her sleep. Not for hours... just for a minute before you hop out of bed.

Most of what makes relationships magical happens in bed. This is one of those moments.

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