Bennifer 2.0
This report claimed that Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck already have some wedding plans.

A Source Claims J.Lo & Ben Already Know What Their Wedding Will Look Like

Sounds like it’s time to bring out the pink diamond.

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Um, are those wedding bells that I’m hearing? It’s possible. Since reuniting in May 2021, Bennifer has been practically inseparable (and very PDA-heavy). Apparently, their constant stream of public appearances — um, remember the masked makeout at the Met Gala? — hasn’t been misleading, either. On Dec. 29, a report claimed that Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck already have wedding plans.

So yeah, Bennifer 2.0 might be having a Proposal 2.0™ almost two full decades after their first engagement. If you need a little refresher, J.Lo and Affleck first got engaged in November 2002, but they delayed their wedding in the fall of 2003, citing “excessive media attention,” which had made them realize that “something was awry.” By January 2004, they had called their engagement off for good... until now (maybe).

According to a source, the couple already has plans for their potential wedding. The insider claimed to Us Weekly that both Lopez and Affleck are hoping for an “intimate” wedding. But that doesn’t mean it’ll be any less glamorous. (They are both Leos, after all.) “Both Ben and Jen want their wedding to be an elaborate statement of their love story for their friends and family,” the insider claimed.

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“They really want [everyone] to have a good time,” the source added. “They want it to be intimate, but immaculate.” Sounds about right.

Bennifer talking wedding details shouldn’t really come as a surprise, though. In August 2021, a source claimed the duo has been “seriously talking about getting married.” And reportedly, their first engagement is driving their commitment this time around. “They are both madly in love and don’t want to let one another go this time,” the insider claimed.

Fingers crossed it works out for them this time around!