"I know you're asleep but..." texts to make your partner smile tomorrow morning.
25 Texts To Send Your SO Tonight That'll Make Them Smile Tomorrow

These texts are so ~dreamy~.

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There's nothing cuter than your sleeping SO, am I right? Regardless of whether or not you and your partner live together, sending them a sweet message while they snooze is an easy way to show them you care and ensure that they wake up feeling appreciated. Fortunately, there are plenty of cute texts to send your partner when they’re sleeping that will put a huge smile on their face first thing in the morning. It can be all too easy to underestimate the power of a well-timed text when it comes to relationship maintenance.

Letting your partner know that they're on your mind around the clock is not only super sweet, but it can also communicate to them that they're a priority. According to relationship and wellness coach Shula Melamed, for some people, receiving regular text messages can be an important part of fulfilling their communication needs.

Since every couple is different, Melamed recommended taking both of your needs into consideration when coming up with a texting schedule that works for you. "Some couples text more frequently because they aren't able to see each other on a daily basis, so it helps build or create intimacy," Melamed previously told Elite Daily. If you’re spending the nights apart from your partner and missing out on some of that intimacy, think of these cute texts as your virtual pillow talk.

Sending “I know you’re asleep but” texts to your boyfriend or late-night SnapChats to your girlfriend can be simple ways of fostering your relationship and building a better connection. “It feels nice to wake up to a 'Good morning' text, and it's also nice when your partner sends you a sweet text to say good night before they go to sleep,” Erica Gordon, dating expert, founder of The Babe Report, and author of dating handbook Aren't You Glad You Read This?, previously explained to Elite Daily.

So, if you want to give your partner all the feels, here are some cute texts to send them while they’re getting some shut-eye.

  1. Just sending you a text to let you know I’m thinking about you before I fall asleep. ❤️
  2. Just woke up from the most beautiful dream about my favorite person: You.
  3. I hope you're having the sweetest dreams right now.
  4. You are the cutest sleeper I've ever seen.
  5. You look just like Sleeping Beauty and I'm so into it.
  6. I know you value your beauty sleep, so I didn't want to wake you. Just wanted to tell you I love you.
  7. About to fall asleep but can't stop smiling when I think of you.
  8. Can't fall asleep. I've been trying to count sheep but your face keeps distracting me.
  9. Wish I was cuddling you right now. Sleep well, babe.
  10. Sending a midnight kiss to the best boo in the world.
  11. It's so hard to sleep without my [little or big] spoon. Hope you're having an easier time.
  12. Wishing my head was resting on your chest instead of my pillow!
  13. I know you're already in bed but had to tell you how much I love you.
  14. I’m going to have dreams about you tonight and I hope you're dreaming about me too. 😘
  15. I wish sleep wasn't a thing we needed, so we could just hang out instead.
  16. Hey. I love you. You're amazing.
  17. It's the middle of the night and all I can do is lay awake and think about my favorite person. 💕
  18. Good night, baby. Love you. Talk to you tomorrow.
  19. You always wake up first, but I’m beating you to the punch today. Good morning! Hope you have the best day.
  20. Starting to think starting a new show at 10 p.m. was not my best idea. Hope you’re having a better night’s sleep than I am. I’ll probably still be marathon-watching by the time you wake up.
  21. Want to go on a breakfast date when you wake up? I’m thinking pancakes.
  22. Wish you were here. You’re so much comfier than my weighted blanket.
  23. I know you’re asleep but I miss you (even when you’re snoring).
  24. Trying to sleep but I’m too excited just thinking about seeing you tomorrow. If I’m a total zombie, you’ll know it’s your fault. 💘
  25. Going to need all the coffee tomorrow morning cause I’ve been up all night thinking about us.

When it comes to texting habits, every couple is different. That said, finding creative ways to check in on your SO is never a bad idea — even when they’re sleeping peacefully next to you. So, the next time they cross your mind or you’re just feeling extra romantic, try sending a sweet “I know you’re sleeping but...” text message. It’s an easy way to let them know you're thinking about them, no matter what time it is.


Shula Melamed, relationship and wellness coach

Erica Gordon, dating expert, founder of The Babe Report, and author of Aren't You Glad You Read This?

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