This Is How Long The Ideal Kiss Should Last, And It's Shorter Than You Think

You guys, I never know how long I'm supposed to kiss anyone.

I mean, how long before it gets too weird, and the other person gets a restraining order against you? How short before this person thinks you think they're absolutely gross, and that you're gonna get a restraining order against them?

There's so much margin for error, so I guess I should just never kiss anyone to save myself the embarrassment and potential restraining order, right?

Wrong, fam.

Thanks to a new survey of 3,000 single men and women by Match and ColourPop, we know exactly how long people are trying to mash their faces together, and it's honestly probably shorter than you think.

So in honor of International Kissing Day today, grab the nearest hottie (or, like, the nearest slice of pizza) and give them an "ideal" kiss.

How long is the ideal kiss?

Thais Ramos Varela

According to the survey, singles say their ideal kiss lasts about 10 seconds.

Now, keep in mind, this is only for a kiss — not a make-out sesh. If your steamy make-out adventure only lasts for 10 seconds before you throw in the towel, you just need to do better. I don't know what else to tell you.

That being said, make sure your regular kiss doesn't last for too long, either. Seriously, just imagine how weird it would be if you stayed in a closed-mouth kiss for, like, five minutes.

If you do that, and you're still wondering why you're single, literally stop wondering. It's f*cking weird.

Where do people like to be kissed?


OK, obviously, we all default to lip kisses, but where else do people like to be kissed?

Well, a whopping 67 percent of women and 74 percent of men agreed that their second favorite place to be kissed is on the neck. I like to think this is because our generation is, unfortunately, still riding the waves of the vampire obsession epidemic, and kisses on the neck might feel like a vampire is biting you?

IDK. Stephenie Meyer, back me up on this.

Will a bad first kiss ruin your chances?


Don't hold your breath on this one, guys.

According to the survey, 70 percent of singles reported that a bad first kiss would not, in fact, be a deal breaker. (Just kidding on the restraining order thing, I guess.)

So don't fret if you found that one jerk in the 30 percent of people who'd laugh in your face after a bad first kiss. Just keep kissing, because odds are, even if you royally screw up again (like I do pretty much all the time), the next person won't mind.

Should you close your eyes when you kiss?


Point blank: If you don't close your eyes when you kiss, I have to assume you're a serial killer. I don't have any sound logic to back me up on this. I just know it's creepy.

Thankfully, 75 percent of single women answered that they did, indeed, close their eyes when they kiss. But what's more concerning is that only 53 percent of men said the same.

@ the other 47 percent of men who apparently kiss with their eyes open: LITERALLY WHY? Close your eyes. Ain't nothing to see here except my correctly closed eyes.

Well, friends, now that you know how to tackle the ideal kiss, you never have to worry. If someone calls you out for being a bad kisser, then it's probably because they're a creep who kisses with their eyes open.