6 Reasons You Didn't Get A Kiss At The End Of Your 'Perfect' Date

by Alexis DiZenzo

Tonight might just be the perfect night to head out on a first date, and hopefully, if it all goes well, it will end with a kiss.

Unfortunately, things don't always go according to plan. Sometimes, that first-date kiss you were expecting to get from the lucky lady you just swept off her feet (or at least, you thought you did) just isn't in the cards for you.

So, why won't a girl kiss you after what you thought was a really awesome first date?

Well, here are a few reasons your date didn't end with the kiss you were hoping for:

1. Just because you thought the first date went well doesn't mean she did.

Yeah, she thought the date sucked. You talked about your days as a college athlete for hours. You may feel like you impressed her, but in reality, she was probably acting like she was intrigued just to be polite. I mean, you did just buy her dinner, so it was the least she felt she could do for you.

2. She has bad breath from the food you just ate.

She probably doesn't have any gum on her, either. Whether it's from onions, garlic or some medley of seafood, there is no worse way to end a romantic date than by playing tonsil hockey with bad breath.

3. You didn't attempt to make the first move, so she decided she wasn't going to, either.

Yes, sometimes girls like to pull the "I may be an independent woman, but I'm not going to kiss you first because that is against the rules of ancient time" card. I don't play by those rules, but that's just me.

If you did not make the attempt to kiss her first, she is going to assume you were not into the date. So, she will just forget that a kiss was supposed to happen.

Don't make her think you are not into her when you really are.

4. She is just a tad bit awkward.

There is nothing wrong with going for the awkward girl. She probably has some amazing qualities to offer, like loyalty. She just might not have been ready for a kiss. Having to spend a few hours with you without having a panic attack was a big step for one night.

5. You have something in your teeth, but she's too embarrassed to tell you.

A nice chunk of that healthy salad you had with your dinner is currently blocking off your teeth, and we all know what happens when you go in for that kiss. Everything that is in your mouth is about to make its way into hers, and then back into yours.

Yummy, right? She definitely wants to share a piece of lettuce with you like that on your first date.

6. She's just playing hard to get.

It's nothing against you or about you that made her not kiss you on the first date. With the way our dating culture is sometimes, the only defense mechanism a girl has from preventing herself from either a) getting attached too quickly, or b) getting hurt too soon is by playing hard to get.

She wants to see how much work you are willing to put in to actually have her. How much of a fight will you put up?

If the girl is worth it, then you will fight for that kiss. You may not get it tonight, but who knows? It could be in store for you tomorrow.