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13 Hot Picture Ideas To Send Your Partner To Build The Anticipation


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Back in the day when you wanted to take hot pictures to send your boyfriend or girlfriend, you had two choices: polaroids or taking your photos to be developed, both of which pose their own set of headaches (outtakes, finite rolls of film, unwanted eyes in the developing process, etc.). Luckily, the advent of the digital and phone cameras, in particular, have made sexting and sending spicy pics a million times easier and hotter. What a time to be alive!

A quick reminder before things get steamy: Consent and trust are both crucial for any good sexting or sexy photo sharing session. Make sure you and your partner are both ready and enthusiastic. As Toronto-based sexologist and author Dr. Jess O’Reilly previously told Elite Daily, “Ask them if they’re in the mood and ask them what they want to see ... You can ask something like, ‘Want to see what I’m (not wearing)?’ Or, ‘I’m awaiting your requests…’ Start with dirty talk to express what you want to do to please them and what you want from them. Be playful and build anticipation.”

And before things take a really hot and heavy turn, have a conversation to ensure neither of you will share these photos anywhere. Even if you trust your partner fully, it's still a smart idea to keep your face out of the frame and to hide any identifying details (like tattoos, piercings, scars, or even something in the background of the photo with your name or address) if it makes you more comfortable.

Before you get started, it’s also helpful to note that you don’t have to go all out on these photos for them to be sexy. In fact, as Colorado-based boudoir photographer Ashley Nichols explains to Elite Daily, there’s absolutely no need for fancy equipment. “If you don't have a tripod, just lean your phone up against something sturdy,” Nichols says. “Sometimes it helps to just take a video of yourself in several poses, and then you can just screenshot the video to get your pics.”

If you're in the mood to send sexy photos to your partner, but lacking some inspiration or direction, here are some expert-approved hot pic ideas that your partner will never forget.

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1. An R-Rated Body Part — Clothed

For a photo to be sexy, you don’t necessarily have to be naked. Wearing clothes and using them to your advantage in a pic can be hot, too. “A chunky sweater worn off the shoulder is just as sexy,” Nichols says. “Sit on the edge of the bed and pull that hem down between your legs to show a little cleavage.”

Hike your skirt up to reveal just a hint of your underwear, show a glimpse of cleavage in a low-cut top, or take a mirror shot that perfectly shows off the curve of your butt. Get creative and play with elements of imagination and tease.

2. A PG-Rated Body Part

While an immediate instinct might be to show off your boobs or butt, consider your legs, back, and shoulders, too. Sit on the bed with your bare legs crossed at the ankle, or drape your legs across the length of the bed. Throw on a sexy pair of heels to really amp up the pose.

“You do not need to begin with pics of your genitals,” O’Reilly said. “It’s worth noting that some (many) people are not specifically turned on by genital closeups — less is often more. Instead ... pick another sexy body part and shoot it from multiple angles and zoom distances to encourage them to create their own visual of what it looks like in its entirety.”

3. Steal Some Of Their Clothes

Did your partner leave a button-up shirt, jacket, jersey, or hat laying around? Uh oh, better let them know with a photo of you draped in their forgotten garments strategically unbuttoned. “Wear the [shirt] just off of your shoulders, but covering your boobs if it's a button-up,” says Nichols. “If it's a pullover, wear it off one shoulder and pull the hem at your waist to keep your curves and keep it from looking too boxy.”

4. Be A Tease

Everyone loves a big reveal, so consider giving your partner one by sending them little teases in your photos. “You don't necessarily want to just flash the camera,” Nichols says. “Be a tease!” If a full nude photo is your prerogative, then go for it. But it really doesn’t leave your receiver much in terms of imagination and anticipation. It can be fun to play with a sense of mystery — what are you not showing in the photo? What is just out of frame? It can bring feelings of excitement to your partner as they think about seeing you in person later, be it immediate or at a date in the future.

5. Use A Prop

Next time you’re hopping out of the shower, take a second to snap a pic of you in nothing but your towel. Your wet, tousled hair and skin covered in water droplets fresh from the shower will have them dreaming of unwrapping you and doing things so dirty, you’ll have to get back in.

Another prop to use is a bed sheet, as Nichols suggests. “Sheets are absolutely amazing and shouldn't be counted out as too simple,” she says. “Use them to cover nipples and other more private areas just to keep with the ‘tease’ theme.”

6. Sport Some Lingerie

Does lingerie make you feel super sultry and sexy? Consider sending your partner a sneak preview of their favorite (or soon-to-be new favorite) intimates, to let them know what they can look forward to seeing you in later tonight. Not to mention, lingerie can be great for accentuating one specific body part. “A pretty pair of panties with fun details on the back are great for those booty shots,” Nichols says.

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7. You In Bed

Make your bed your very own sexy portrait studio. Try laying on your stomach in nothing but underwear, bend your knees, cross your ankles, and take a selfie with your body slightly out of focus in the background. You can also lay on your back with the blanket strategically placed and your hair fanned out around you.

“The bed is a foolproof location, but also the couch or the wall near a window,” says Nichols. Especially if the bed is a go-to location for you in photos, try switching it up. Plus, posing near a window might allow you to use lighting to your advantage.

8. A Sexy Series

While getting all of your angles, you’ll likely take a few different photos. Instead of choosing just one to send, you can also send a handful of them as a series or spread out over time. “For instance, if you want to take a picture of your upper torso, take it from each side, take it from up top, take it from the bottom, and take it from other angles that you think are flattering,” O’ Reilly said. “You might send a deluge of photos all at once or send one picture per day or hour to draw out the tease over time.”

Another fun idea is to send them a visual scavenger hunt with photos of your bare skin leading a trail to somewhere exciting. Then stop just before you reach the final destination.

9. Wear A White T-Shirt

Out of all of the clothing options, a plain white tee might just be the hero of them all when it comes to taking hot pics for your partner. A white t-shirt is classic and understated, and it’s because of those reasons it can be oh so sexy, depending on how you style it and pose. For example, you can show off a flirty bra underneath or wear one braless, with just a pair of panties on the bottom. Another classically sexy option, as Nichols suggests, is to splash a little water on one. “White t-shirts are perfect because if it's wet you get that ‘wet t-shirt’ effect that shows just enough!” she says.

10. Under. Boob.

Good, old-fashioned cleavage is hot — there’s no doubt your partner will be thrilled to get a pic of your décolletage. But how about something a little more unexpected? A flash of underboob can be beautiful in pictures. “Cup your hands under your boobs so that you're covering your nipples and giving them a boost at the same time,” Nichols says. “Keep your head out of the shot and show off your neck and collarbones, as well. For the underboob, wear one of your partner’s favorite shirts and bring up the hem and put it in your mouth just enough to have that little bit of underboob poking out.

11. In Natural Light

Photography 101: Lighting can make or break a photo, and natural sunlight is most often your best friend. “Natural light is key!” Nichols explains. “Make sure you are in a room with a good window and use that as your light source. You want that light to be at your side, not in front of or behind you.”

Plus, as you get more creative, understand what poses you love, and find great natural light locations, you can start to play with shadows to play up the artsy tease factor.

12. Create Some Curves

Visually enticing photos usually include interesting lines for the eye to follow. Your body is perfectly made with soft, rounded lines to do just that in a hot pic — so use them to your advantage! “This is the perfect opportunity to show them off,” Nichols says.

Not to mention, you can play up those sensual curves with the way you position your body. “Even if you aren't particularly curvy, you can create that sexy, curvy silhouette by arching your back or popping your hip out,” adds Nichols.

13. Use The Booty

When in doubt, turn to the booty. Not only is your backside sexy, but it also looks great in a variety of poses to choose from. Plus, if you’re going for a faceless pic, this one is the perfect option. “There's no such thing as a bad booty pic!” Nichols says. “My favorite is to sit on your heels on the bed or couch with your knees spread facing away from the camera. Really arch that back, rock your hips back, and reach into your hair to play with it.”

It’s also worth noting that taking sexy self-portraits doesn’t just have to be for the purpose of sending to someone else. They can most certainly just be for your eyes. “You don't just have to take these pics for your partner!” Nichols says. “Take these pics for yourself to use as a good confidence boost.”

Now go forth and photograph!


Dr. Jess O’Reilly, Toronto-based sexologist and author

Ashley Nichols, Colorado-based boudoir photographer

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