Taking vagina pics is less intimidating with these seven tips.

7 Tips For Taking, Ahem, A Sexy Downstairs Selfie Of Your Vag

Misogyny wants you to hate your vagina. Naked pics might help you start to love it instead.

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Over the last several years, nudes have seen what can only be described as a massive PR refresh. Look no further than TikTok’s “thermal nudes,” ramen noodle cups embroidered with the words “send noods,” and Phoebe Bridgers’s Instagram handle (RIP @fakenudes). The coronavirus pandemic and subsequent self-isolations only exacerbated the internet’s horny feels, resulting in several viral nude-related tweets and a spike in actually sending and receiving illicit pics. In 2020, Mashable reported a study conducted by the Kinsey Institute which found that of 1,500 participants, one in five people claimed to have added something “new” to their sex life during the pandemic, most commonly sexting and sending nude photos.

Nowadays, the internet is bursting with guides on how to take a dick pic. But what about the intricate art of the vagina pic? From the right angles and poses to proper timing and etiquette, the best approach to vagina pics is not always evident.

San Diego–based sex, intimacy, and relationship coach Tari Mannello cautions that, for starters, it’s important to have a clear sense of the message you’re sending by shooting a vagina pic or any nude off into cyberspace. “Obviously it suggests sexual availability, sexual readiness, and receptiveness,” Mannello tells Elite Daily. “Keep that in mind before sending it if you don’t feel like you want to take your relationship to that level of intimacy yet.”

Once you know you’re ready to take some downstairs selfies, Mannello says it’s all about having fun, getting creative, and getting consent. “There should be a conversation beforehand about sexually explicit photos for the sake of consent,” he says. “But nude photos are a great way to spice things up.”

When Tyra Banks said “hoe, but make it fashion,” she might as well have been talking about the vagina pic. Now toss those undies aside and read on for more about how to take vagina pics that will finally put all those years of watching ANTM to good use.

Familiarize Yourself With Your Anatomy

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Chances are, you’ll actually be taking pics of your vulva — the exterior part of your genitals that includes your labia majora and minora, aka the inner and outer lips — and not your actual vagina. (Unless of course you’re using the vibrating Svakom Selfie Stick, which can actually take a photo of your vaginal canal.)

From a young age, women and those assigned female at birth are bombarded with (mostly rubbish) reasons to feel insecure about their bodies, especially their vaginas. As a result, many women rarely ever get a good look at their genitals. But a photoshoot is as good an opportunity as any to spend a little quality time with your body. Sit in front of a mirror or your phone on selfie mode and really look at your pubes, locate your clitoris, take in your colors and textures. Before you blast off pics of your vag to all your lovers, take a moment to appreciate your own body and to recognize just how sexy you really are.

Misogyny wants you to hate your vagina. Naked pics might help you start to love it instead.

Start Suggestive, Not Explicit

If this is your first time dipping your toes into the wonderful world of naked photos — whether it’s your first time sharing them with a new partner or it’s your first time experimenting at all — Mannello recommends playing around to create an image that’s super flirty but maybe not all-exposing. He says lingerie can aid in setting the scene. “Suggestive photos that expose a bit of underwear or something can be super stimulating,” he says.

A crotch photo that shows some arousal fluid on your underwear accompanied with a text like, “Thinking of you”? Flaming hot — but it still leaves a lot to the imagination.

Leave Identifying Details Out Of It

Have a unique crotch tattoo? A mole shaped like Australia? Toronto-based sexologist and author Dr. Jess O’Reilly recommends keeping them out of frame. “If you don’t know/trust [the person you’re sexting], limit your exposure by only sharing pics of your body from the neck down,” Dr. O’Reilly tells Elite Daily. “Leave your face out just in case the photos get leaked. I know some people who even add fake tattoos as an extra precaution.” Once you send out a pic to someone else, you lose control over who sees it or where it might end up — like a sketchy corner of the internet or the recipient’s group chat.

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Bedroom > Bathroom

As sexy as you are, nothing kills the mood faster than a dirty toilet or the clump of hairs in the drain behind you. With the bedroom as your backdrop, you can play around with blankets and pillows, and, if you’re lucky enough to have one, your full-length mirror. Plus a cozy bed is way more comfortable for you than chilly bathroom tiles. The little details go a long way; consider what’s in the background so it doesn’t pull attention from the foreground..

Tidy Up

Similarly, those piles of clothes, stray shoes, and dirty dishes covered in sriracha stains will hardly set the mood. Straighten up a bit so all the focus is on you and your beautiful bod. Cleanliness is next to godliness — let them know they’re dealing with a goddess.

Try A Bunch Of Positions

Lean against the pillows with your knees up. Angle from below to give the illusion that they’re under you. Show off your flexibility and lift a leg in the air while standing. Sometimes it takes a bit of experimenting to find a posture that looks as sexy as it feels. Don’t be afraid to stretch yourself — literally and figuratively — for the best results.

There Are No Bad Vaginas — Just Bad Angles

Channel your inner Ilana Wexler and give your vagina the pep talk it deserves, because it is lit’rally perfect in every way. Whether you’re rocking a full bush or you wax regularly; whether your labia is barely there or it’s extra pronounced; whether it’s perfectly symmetrical or it’s uneven — your genitals are everything they need to be.

That being said, some camera angles are spicier than others — though it really all depends on your partner’s preferences (and of course yours, too). Some folks might love a super close-up shot of your vaginal opening or your clit. Others might find it a bit too abstract. Then again, if your camera is too far away, you might wind up with a super cute pic of your knees. Have some fun and find an angle that you think is sexy. Chances are, your partner will think so too.

Any time you’re looking to spice things up, remember the good, old-fashioned vagina pic. Your next challenge: Learning to smize with your labia. Tyra would be so proud.


Tari Mannello, sex, intimacy, and relationship coach and founder of Closeness San Diego

Dr. Jess O’Reilly, sexologist and author

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