Marianne and Connell were the steamiest couple on Hulu last year, perfect for Halloween.
These 8 Halloween Couples Costumes Are Inspired By Your Fave Hulu Shows

Marianne and Connell, anyone?

Amy Sussman/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

What’s the only thing better than curling up with your partner and your favorite Hulu show? Dressing up with your partner as your favorite Hulu show, of course. Halloween season isn’t all just pumpkin spice and everything nice; this time of year is an invitation for you to throw on a costume and revel in your obsessions, very much including whatever teen drama you’ve been streaming non-stop. Whether you and your boo go as Eve Polastri and Villanelle from Killing Eve or Rob and Clyde from High Fidelity, Hulu has no shortage of iconic couples to inspire this year’s couples Halloween costume.

If the onset of the fall season has you feeling romantic and dreamy, your couples costume should be Marianne and Connell, all the way. If you’re feeling spooky, dark, and a little bit mischievous, characters from Handmaid’s Tale or Cruel Summer might be more up your alley. Goofballs and class clowns can turn to Pen15 for all the inspiration they’d ever need to craft an award-winning outfit. Finally, all that Hulu-and-chill-ing together is finally paying off.

Read on for eight couples costumes inspired by your all-time fave Hulu series.

Marianne Sheridan & Connell Waldron, Normal People

If Marianne’s covetable curtain bangs aren’t enough to convince you to dress up like this pair of young, Irish lovers, perhaps their tender romance and their relatively easy-to-replicate school uniforms will be. Based on Sally Rooney’s novel of the same name, Hulu’s Normal People follows two high schoolers through the end of high school, college, and beyond as they fall in and out of love, creating a gripping tale of desire and loss. Plus, did I mention Marianne has the world’s best bangs?

For Marianne:

For Connell:

Moira & Emily, The Handmaid’s Tale

OK, so while Moira and Emily aren’t technically a couple, they represent two strong lesbian arcs that carry The Handmaid’s Tale forward in the dystopian nightmare that is Gilead, and a pair of hooded handmaids would make for a hardcore couples costume.

For Both Moira & Emily:

Maya Ishii-Peters & Sam Zablowski, Pen15

When it became clear that Maya and Sam like-liked each other on Hulu’s hilarious coming-of-age series Pen15, I felt giddy — almost like I was back in seventh grade instead of Maya. Recreate their adorable romance with your best Y2K fashion throwbacks and awkward smiles.

For Maya:

For Sam:

Anna Kone & Brendan Tooler, Pen15

Another squeal-worthy relationship on Pen15 was Anna Kone, one of the show’s protagonists, and Brendan Tooler, an ultra-dorky pre-pubescent tuba player with confidence for days. Their looks have it all: fake braces, belly shirts, ill-fitting cargo shorts. What more could you ask for?

For Anna:

For Brendan:

Kate Wallis & Jamie Henson, Cruel Summer

Channel your inner ‘90s babe as Cruel Summer’s spicy young couple, Kate Wallis and Jamie Henson. Through the show’s many twists and turns, one thing remains the same: These teens have great style!

For Kate:

For Jamie:

Rob & Clyde, High Fidelity

In this 2020 adaptation of the 1995 novel of the same name, Rob (Zoë Kravitz) feels the need to re-visit every ex in her life in order to really understand what happened between them. But she and Clyde (Jake Lacy) develop a complex and charming relationship that keeps viewers guessing from episode to episode. Wear your Rob and Clyde couples costume in silent protest against what many say was the show’s premature cancelation after just one season.

For Rob:

For Clyde:

Miles Halter & Alaska Young, Looking For Alaska

John Green fans have loved Miles Halter and Alaska Young since the release of Green’s novel in 2005, only growing more attached to the tender teens with the 2019 Hulu adaptation of Looking For Alaska starring Charlie Plummer and Kristine Froseth. Spunky, moody, and super sweet, these lovebirds make for the perfect couples costume.

For Miles:

For Alaska:

Eve & Villanelle, Killing Eve

This show is a treasure trove of sexual tension and outrageously good fashion moments, brought to viewers by the serial-killing psychopath Villanelle. But don’t sleep on the Eve costume — great coats, great hair, and great facial expressions are a must.

For Eve:

For Villanelle:

Hulu is a truly bottomless pit of entertainment, giving the world endless TV couples to emulate this Halloween. To find the one that’s right for you, snuggle up with your love and get busy streaming. You know, for research purposes.