Dress up like Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck this Halloween.
These Bennifer Halloween Costumes Are Peak Y2K Fashion

Three words: Juicy Couture sweatpants.

Frank Trapper/Corbis Entertainment/Getty Images

If you and your significant other have been on the internet at all in 2021, you know it’s Bennifer’s world and everyone’s just living in it — again. When Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez renewed their relationship in summer 2021, nearly two decades after they broke off their engagement in 2004, it was as though the early aughts had come for a do-over — and just in time for Halloween. You know what that means: It’s couples costume o’clock. Luckily for you and your sweetheart, modern-day Bennifer is a gold mine for memes, and thus, a gold mine for couples Halloween costumes. Plus, what’s more perfect for Halloween than the resurrection of everyone’s favorite long-dead celebrity relationship?

Since the announcement of their reconnection, your social feeds have probably been flooded by photos of the couple from their fateful first attempt at dating. To celebrate Halloween this year, channel early 2000s J.Lo with a matching Juicy sweatsuit or a classic gown with shimmery eye shadow. (Don’t skimp on the highlighter!) For your best Ben impression, whip out your tux and your hair gel and go to town.

Whether you go for red carpet looks or old music video looks, let Hollywood’s golden couple be a font of inspiration for you and your boo this Halloween. Here are the nine best Bennifer-themed couples costumes — rare $2.3 million pink diamond engagement ring optional.

BTS From “Jenny From The Block”
Mel Bouzad/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Remember in 2002 when matching velour tracksuits were more valuable than gold? You have J.Lo to thank for that. To recreate this iconic cozy look, dust off all your baby pink Juicy Couture and your Daredevil-chic Ray-Bans.

For Jen:

This baby pink velour tracksuit, $62, Dolls Kill

These matching pink scrunchies, $9.99, Amazon

For Ben:

This long-sleeve white tee, $32.95, Lands’ End

— These dark wash slouchy jeans, $59.50, JCPenney

— This gray utility belt, $19.95, Gap

These daredevil-style sunnies, $17.99, Amazon

A Scene Straight Out Of Gigli
Ben-Ari Finegold/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The movie was a flop, but Gigli brought Ben and J.Lo together so there must be something to celebrate about it. You and your SO will look smokin’ in your Gigli-themed leather jackets — and to really make the costume pop, recreate the famous pic of them gazing lovingly into each other’s eyes.

For Jen:

This brown faux leather jacket, $39.99, Amazon

These Y2K flare-cut jeans, $33.99, Amazon

— This vintage western brown leather belt, $39, Etsy

— This Y2K ruched v-neck top in khaki, $17.65, Walmart

For Ben:

— This oversized black leather coat, $22.95, Romwe

This dark button-down, $40.95, Lands’ End

These black dress pants, $43, ASOS

Bennifer’s First Oscars Appearance
Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Get your fancy on in a costume fit for the Academy Awards. Back in 2003, Bennifer made their first Oscars red carpet appearance and the world has never been the same since. J.Lo dazzled in a sparkly, elegant mint gown; Ben charmed in a crisp black tux.

For Jen:

This floor-length one-shoulder gown in mint, $49.99, Amazon

These chandelier earrings, $43.52, Etsy

These Y2K strappy sandals, $25, Shein

This ruched white clutch, $15, Emery Rose

This shimmery mint eyeshadow, $22, NARS

For Ben:

This black tuxedo onesie, $29.99, Amazon

These black dress shoes, $36.54, Amazon

Vancouver Vacay 2003
Jeff Vinnick/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

For those who are intrigued by the sweatsuit but want to take it in a different direction, may I suggest this humble 2003 Vancouver vacay pic as inspiration? Blue striped Juicy, chunky white sneaks, gold hoops. I can practically smell the mall food court from here.

For Jen:

This navy blue velour tracksuit, $38.99, Amazon

These chunky white sneakers, $59, ASOS

These gold hoop earrings, $24, Madewell

For Ben:

This camo green button-down, $60, Express

This white undershirt, $15.60, Amazon

These khaki pants, $54.95, L.L. Bean

These brown boots, $53, ASOS

Red Sox Raving
Ezra Shaw/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Even with a questionable chin beard, Ben Affleck is the prince of Boston and that is not up for debate. Celebrate his Bay State roots by recreating this glorious Bennifer pic from a Red Sox game in 2003. Don’t worry, I won’t tell A-Rod.

For Jen:

This black leather jacket, $34.50, Etsy

— These gold hoop earrings, $24, Madewell

These Y2K flare-cut jeans, $33.99, Amazon

For Ben:

This Red Sox jacket, $49.99, Etsy

This Red Sox hat, $22.89, Etsy

These khaki pants, $54.95, L.L. Bean

Jersey Girl Kiss
James Devaney/WireImage/Getty Images

Romance is in the air with this ‘fit! To recreate this image from Jersey Girl, it’s all about classic Hollywood style: Tight curls, (faux!) fur coats, and white gloves. What’s not to love?

For Jen:

This faux fur coat, $50.14, Etsy

These white gloves, $9.99, Amazon

This white turtleneck, $17.50, ASOS

For Ben:

This oversized black leather coat, $22.95, Romwe

This navy blue tie, $49, Lands’ End

Bennifer Reveal, 2021 Style

This costume is trendy as ever. Recreate J.Lo’s now-iconic relationship reveal Instagram post from July 2021 — and if it’s too cold to go trick-or-treating in an actual bikini, up the laughs with a bikini t-shirt.

For Jen:

This red pattern bikini, $9, Shein

Or this bikini t-shirt, $18.95, Amazon

This maxi kimono, $29.99, Amazon

This fedora, $44, Urban Outfitters

These gold chains, $65, Gorjana

These hot pink espadrilles, $29.99, Amazon

For Ben:

This blue button-up, $74.50, Banana Republic

These khaki pants, $54.95, L.L. Bean

Any Number Of Butt-Touch Memes

It’s a well-documented fact that Ben Affleck’s only hobby is touching Jennifer Lopez’s butt on a yacht out at sea. For this year’s trick or treat, you and your partner could recreate the 2003 pic, the 2021 pic, or even the 2021 Dunkin Donuts meme created by The Daily Show. You’ve got options.

For Jen:

This hot pink bikini, $11, Shein

For Ben:

This white undershirt, $15.60, Amazon

This big ring, $26, ASOS

Whether you’re addicted to athleisure like Jen or a kook for khakis like Ben, there’s no doubting that Bennifer provides the rest of the world with the ultimate costume inspo. Happy Halloween to all the couples out there — old, new, and risen from the dead!