Grindr Users Say The F-Word Best Describes 2016, Couldn’t Be More Right

juan moyano

It goes without saying that 2016 was... well, relatively awful.

Sure, there may have been a few personal victories here and there that I experienced over the last 350-something days, but overall, this year was basically just a big "suck it!" to the entire country. We've certainly seen better times.

That being said, there were some shining moments that helped to brighten up our spirits during this rough time. (Have you been so dazed and confused that the entirety of the past 12 months seem like an alcohol-induced brown out?)

Don't worry, Grindr's got you covered to remind you of the standouts.

Yes, Grindr. The gay dating app asked millions of their monthly user base to give some input on the greatest things to actually come out of 2016 for their annual "Best Of" Awards, ranging from pop culture to today's social issues.

Grindr's Creative Director Landis Smithers says,

“The best of 2016 survey is a way to better understand our community's interests and strengthen our connection on an individual level. We are always fascinated to know what's top of mind for our Grindr guys and this year our users loved the ladies.”

The most important takeaway from the poll? Users top voted word to describe the year was "fuck."

That sounds about right.

Among the more obvious victors: Best Music Video went to Beyoncé's very much talked about track "Formation," the soulful Adele nabbed Best Concert Performance and "Moonlight" was crowned the Must-Watch Film.

When it came to all things gay, our current US President Barack Obama was announced as Best LGBT+ Ally, with his wife, First Lady Michelle Obama, given the title of Hero of 2016 for her commitment and support in helping the entire LGBT+ community while in office.

As expected, human dorito Donald Trump and his deranged lap dog Mike Pence were named Biggest Challenge Facing the LGBTQ Community in 2017.

Again, that couldn't be more accurate.

My fingers are crossed that positivity and optimism become cornerstones of 2017 with a lot more love and a lot less hate.

And also, maybe Beyoncé can not winning everrrrrrything.

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