17 Tweets About Being Forever Alone That'll Make You Laugh At How Lonely You Are

by Sean Abrams

There's no point in pouting about being alone.

Rushing into a relationship is a terrible idea because, if you settle for some stumpy guy who's subpar at best, you'll resent him and only start to miss having that quality time to yourself.

When you truly want to be with someone, you will. They'll immediately feel like the right person you've been waiting for, and it'll be like pouring a bowl of Lucky Charms with only marshmallows.

Pure heaven, I tell you.

Until then, the best thing to do is find the humorous side in riding solo — like these people did below. Did I mention that you are 100 percent not alone?

Below, you'll find a collection of tweets about being forever alone that'll make you shake your head and laugh at just how lonely you really are.

We should all join a goddamn club or something.

Alone time can turn you into a killer poet.


At least my nails will be fabbbbbbulous.


I didn't want to share my spaghetti with anyone anyway.

My mind says single, but my heart says married with 12 kids.


Personally, I'd love to go on a quality date with Judge Judy.


Sorry, being lazy just ain't that sexy.

Honestly, who likes weddings anyway?


Joke's on you because black and white are my favorite colors.

Another quiz also said I was a cheeseburger in a past life, so...


"Call of Duty" has always been there for me.

"Am I a pretty girl?" said me and SpongeBob.


Would it then be correct to say my life is pretty vanilla?


I swear, I'm a hell of a good time.

It's not very difficult for me to hit that minimum delivery price on Seamless.


It's Bitmojis or bust in my book.

Pillows: all the comfort with no fear that they'll ever leave you.


I have a few standards... and wow, you meet none of them.


Still single?

Yeah, me too.

But hey, at least you're not totally alone!