51 Thoughts You Have As A Single Girl In Your 20s

Your 20s are a tough time for dating.

You either find yourself desperate for a relationship, overwhelmingly afraid of commitment or indifferent about the whole thing. Maybe you have doubts about whether your boyfriend is right for you, even though you've been together since high school or college. You also might be convinced marriage isn't for you at all and you just want to date around for the rest of your life.

If you find yourself single, no matter what the circumstance, these are some thoughts you definitely have:

1. Is literally everyone in a relationship?

2. Why did all my past relationships fail?

3. Just kidding, they were awful.

4. Does no one find me attractive?

5. Am I actually too attractive and it's intimidating

6. I don't want to date anyone anyway.

7. Where do you even meet someone?

8. Should I download Tinder? Bumble? What other apps are there?

9. I don't want to have to tell people we met on Tinder.

10. I will never make an account on an online dating site.

11. How did she get a boyfriend?

12. Did I already meet the guy I'm supposed to be with?Did I break up with him? Did he break up with me?

13. Stop telling me "it's ok" to be single.

14. Stop asking me why I'm single. I just am, okay?

15. Can everyone stop getting engaged? You know it's the rest of your life, right?

16. I need a dog.

17. Or a cat.

18. Just kidding, definitely not a cat.

19. I don't have time for a relationship anyway.

20. Maybe I'm single because I don't go out enough.

21. I love staying home I don't even want to go out.

22. How am I going to meet anyone?

23. Romantic comedies gave me such a false sense of reality.

24. I just want to find the Big to my Carrie.

25. Am I actually a Charlotte? OMG I hope I'm not a Miranda. Is that why I'm single? Am I a Miranda? I'm definitely a Samantha in bed. Right?

26. I think I'm just too funny for every guy I meet. They just don't get my humor.

27. My friends better not start getting married.

28. Seriously, another engagement on Facebook?

29. Who would I bring to their wedding? Am I going to be the girl without a date?'

30. Will they even offer me a plus one or assume I'm coming alone?

31. I'm an independent woman I don't need a man.

32. But like, it would be nice not to go alone.

33. Who do I dance with? Myself?

34. Do people go to weddings alone or just not go?

35. I am so single.

36. Yes, I would love to come hang out with you and your boyfriend! Not. Why do you think I want to third wheel with you and your boyfriend?

37. At least I don't have to worry about a breakup. Breakups are the worst.

38. Does chivalry not exist anymore?

39. I just want to focus on my career right now.

40. I don't believe in relationships.

41. I'm not bitter about being single.

42. I love going out and meeting new people! Just kidding.

43. Why can't I just meet the right person?

44. Does the right person exist or do people just settle?

45. Dates are the worst.

46. Do we get dinner or just drinks? Does it matter? What do people do on dates?

47. Can we fast forward through awkward dating and get to the relationship part?

48. Did he Google me before this date? I Googled him. What did he find? I should probably Google myself just to check.

49. This date is horrible. I wish I just had a boyfriend and didn't have to make small talk with this guy.

50. Being single sucks.

51. I kind of love it though.