5 Ways Dating A Scorpio Makes You A Better Person

by Lucy Hobson

Scorpios are dark, mysterious and hella passionate lovers. Their natural intuitive ways are both a blessing and curse, but their loyalty and ambition shines through in any given situation.

I, on the other hand, am not so blessed with these sought-after qualities.

Whilst I have an extremely solid idea of what I want in life, I can often get carried away with obsessive planning and lack the spontaneity and carefree attitude of my Scorpio SO.

Sure, we all have personal downfalls we need to work on, but my tool for self-improvement fell into my life in the form of a person; a physical human being; a Scorpio physical human being.

Here are five ways dating my Scorpio other half inevitably made me a slightly "better" person:

1. They helped me take more risks.

Danger? Gambling? Uncertainty? Nope, nope and nope.

Before meeting my Scorpio savior, the word "risk" was not in my dictionary, and I wasn't planning on adding it anytime soon.

But cliché as it may sound, life really is short. Some risks have to be worth taking, and living life within my comfort zone was the least valuable thing I was doing.

2. They inspired me to get in touch with my feelings.

Ugh, emotions. Who needs them? I didn't, apparently.

Cowering away from the deep feelings that were lurking inside myself, I would often neglect and push away any sign of any emotion that would or could be strong enough to effect my practical, sensible judgments and decisions.

However, letting go is extremely therapeutic. It's something my Scorpio partner managed to do with ease and comfort.

It takes great courage to allow yourself to feel, and with feeling comes great power.

It takes great courage to allow yourself to feel, and with feeling comes great power.

3. They taught me being vulnerable isn't a weakness.

We are often told removing our tough, outer layers is a terrible mistake. We hide ourselves away when we cry, and we can't bear the thought of exposing our true, raw emotions.

Observing my Scorpio lover so emotionally open on a number of occasions simply enabled me to appreciate such an honest and sincere individual.

4. They helped me rid myself of "fake" friends.

Scorpio souls are infamous for their abilities to sense whether or not that "friend" you've just made has good or bad intentions.

They may come off as judgmental, but their ability to suss out liars and backstabbers is extremely advantageous.

At the complete other end of the "sussing out" spectrum, I barely have the ability to sense the slight "good" and "bad" in a potential peer. Hence the countless disappointments and endless betrayals that I (as many of us) have been so unfortunate to experience.

While it may be tough to accept the negative intentions of those I call my "friends," my Scorpio companion has urged me to think twice about who I truly want to let into my life.

5. They steered me to find my passions in life.

If Scorpios are one thing, it's passionate. From the bedroom to the sporting field, Scorpios know exactly what they want and they get it.

Sure, I know what drives me, what I want and how to get it, but putting this all into practice was another matter entirely.

My Scorpio SO has extreme staying power, and has never lost sight of what is needed to get to the top. I still have a long way to go, but seeing such passion in action has been truly inspiring.

Sure, my Scorpio SO has helped me in ways that are unimaginable. But the truth is, we are all blessed with such wonderful traits and should never forget that power lies in individuality.

Essentially, dating a Scorpio has made me a better person. But our relationship has only helped carve out a tiny bit of the path that will take me to becoming the best person I can be.