5 Ways Scorpio Men And Women Are The Realest Friends In The Zodiac

by Tori Lyn

In my very biased opinion, Scorpios are undoubtedly the most exciting sign of all. Though there are many astrological signs that produce a wide range of desirable emotions and personalities, Scorpios are fun, loyal and very charismatic.

We are the epitome of a true "ride or die," and we fiercely honor and defend those around us (as long as we like you, that is).

In all honesty, you just haven't experienced the true meaning of friendship until you've had a Scorpio in your life.

1. The turn-up is real.

The best part about being a Scorpio is we're always ready for a party. No matter the circumstances, we rarely shy away from a chance to turn all the way up with our friends, and we take it to the extreme.

We effortlessly ooze charisma, and we feel the happiest when we're the center of attention, making everyone laugh as our energy emanates throughout the room.

Whether you need someone to liven up a dull party, break the ice with tequila shots, or simply dance with you for four hours straight to techno music, partying with a Scorpio will undoubtedly leave you with a night full of memories and an Instagram feed full of sloppy Amaro-filtered photos.

2. We've got your back.

Fiercely loyal (sometimes to a fault), Scorpios are known to always have the backs of their friends and family. And they expect the same devotion in return.

Whether you need a friend to rely on, someone to keep your secrets or someone to build you up when you're feeling down, Scorpios will always be there to tell you the truth, no matter how ugly it may be. Furthermore, we're like puppies in the way we champion for our loved ones.

We want nothing but the best for the people we love, and we will quickly disarm anyone with a sharp-witted quickness if they were to say otherwise.

We aren't afraid to go above and beyond as fearless crusaders, passionately marching into any type of battle to defend those closest to us. No matter the circumstances, we've always got your back.

3. Quitting isn't in our vocabulary.

Whether it's in the workplace or our personal lives, Scorpios are determined hard-workers who strive for perfection. We hold ourselves to very high, sometimes unattainable standards. We are our own worst critics, and we always will work extremely hard to prove ourselves.

Achievement, recognition and praise are what we strive for, and we will constantly go above and beyond in order to gain these things. In our eyes, we are our only competition, constantly striving to beat our personal best.

Though it can overwhelming, our hard work and consistency always shines through, and we feel a deep sense of accomplishment when we reach our goals.

4. We're glad to "Netflix and chill" all day...with ourselves.

Scorpios always keep it real, and sometimes we just don't want to f*ck with you. As much as we love being the center of attention, we can just as quickly flip the script and have a strong and sudden desire to be left the hell alone.

It doesn't mean we don't love or appreciate you, but when the moons shift, so does our mood. And, in all honesty, a date with Netflix and Ben & Jerry's sounds so much better than whatever party you're having.

Scorpios are known to be mysterious and occasional loners, and an abundant amount of “me” time is essential. Just think of it as a time for us to recharge our batteries for the next get-together; it's nothing personal.

5. We're never made a fool.

To put it plainly, the best part about being a Scorpio is the fact we always know when you're full of sh*t. We are intuitive and observant, watching the mannerisms and characteristics of others intently to know whether their words and actions are genuine or a farce.

Despite the fact we love attention and admiration, we also pick up ulterior motives very quickly, and we will never hesitate to call the perpetrator out before we get played for a fool. We are extremely passionate when it comes to our friendships, and it doubles when it comes to our enemies.

Scorpios are known for their vindictiveness, and if we are ever wronged, well, you should probably run.

Though there are various signs to choose from, I always feel lucky to be a Scorpio. Some may not resonate with the traits of this water sign, but I see myself in all of them. I enjoy the intense roller coaster of emotions this sign has to offer.

Furthermore, it's always great to have one friend who's a Scorpio, even if it's just so he or she can liven up your parties, disarm your enemies and keep your secrets.

Just don't piss us off, unless you want us to go from party-planning to revenge-plotting in the blink of an eye (something you'll never see coming).

Happy Scorpio season!