Stay On Your Toes: 10 Reasons Scorpios Make The Best Lovers

by Nida Karnani

Scorpio season is upon us, and the world may or may not be ready for it.

Every sign has massive self-pride and believes he or she is the leading zodiac sign. Though each sign does have its individual strengths and weaknesses, I'm here to tell you why dating a Scorpio (just once) can change the way you approach relationships.

1. Scorpios are intensely passionate.

Every relationship with them is the real deal; they rarely waste their time on pointless affiliations.

When you date a Scorpio, he or she makes you feel like the most important person in his or her life.

Scorpios will teach you how to value even the smallest interactions, because any relationship a Scorpio chooses to pursue is intended to be long-term.

2. A Scorpio's determination is contagious.

Scorpios work hard for what they want and never give up.

When you have this energy in your life, even for a short amount of time, it rubs off on you. You find yourself more driven and dreaming bigger, when surrounded by the love of a Scorpio.

3. You will be dating a detective.

Scorpios are very observant people, and they will make you want to be honest because if you are even slightly lying, a Scorpio will know.

This sounds threatening, but Scorpios would much rather be in an open, trusting relationship.

If it isn't working, don't start telling lies; tell them the truth and they will appreciate you more for it.

This is something you will learn to carry over into the next relationship. Why stick around if you aren't happy?

A Scorpio taught you that.

4. By dating a Scorpio, you are dating the life of the party.

Many people get threatened by the idea of sharing their loved ones, but a Scorpio will teach you to appreciate independence.

A Scorpio's intention is to never leave you out, so you will always be included in every adventure he or she goes on.

5. It's your turn to be the detective.

With Scorpios, there is always more than meets the eyes.

They might tell you one thing and feel a different way about it.

Your relationship with a Scorpio will allow you to be more intuitive toward others' feelings.

6. Scorpios are natural born leaders.

And what they are preaching is something you should get behind.

Being around this type of "go-getter" attitude and well organized mindset makes you feel empowered.

Scorpios tend to make unrealistic dreams into realities, and that inspires people.

Don't be surprised if you pick up a passion project when dating a Scorpio, because he or she will definitely be there encouraging you the entire way.

7. A Scorpio's quiet side is what will really get you.

Once a Scorpio has opened up to you, you are in for life.

Even if the relationship ends, know that you will be a part of his or her life long after.

This secret side — that only a few get to see — allows anyone (who dates a Scorpio) to learn to appreciate genuine characters.

It will grant you the ability to acknowledge the people in your life who are there for the right reasons.

8. A Scorpio's loyalty is even greater than man's best friend.

Now, your significant other shouldn't possess characteristics of a dog, but this is by far the best one to have.

The loyalty seen in Scorpios is unlike any other sign.

So if you are lucky enough to date a Scorpio, know that there will always be someone in your corner if you ever need it.

9. The mystery involved in dating a Scorpio will always keep you on your feet.

Some might think this is a bad quality to have in a boyfriend or girlfriend, but honestly, the mystery is what keeps things fun.

The overall passion and charisma a Scorpio has will keep your relationship constantly fun and moving forward.

Leave it to a Scorpio to plan a midnight scavenger hunt, or a spur of the moment water balloon fight.

These are all stories you will recall after the relationship is over, but hopefully they will inspire you to be the "crazy-fun" one in your next bad romance.

10. The green-eyed monster is sort of Scorpio's best friend.

Many claim this is why their relationships with a fellow Scorpio ended, but jealousy should really be taken as a term of endearment.

As much as Scorpios are driven and passionate about what they want, they are that driven and passionate to keep it.

Jealousy often strikes a Scorpio somewhere in the course of the relationship. It is how the couple handles the monster that determines their future relationship status.

A person should embrace a Scorpio's jealousy because it is important to understand that it comes from a real place.

It is a real emotion the Scorpio is likely still trying to process.

Comprehending it like in those terms will allow you to enter your next relationship willing to talk about jealousy, instead of brushing it off as some ego thing.

They say blondes have more fun, but Scorpios make for better lovers.

Keep that in mind next time you are picking a mate; a Scorpio might just change your entire perspective on what dating should and could be like.