23 Types Of 'Complicated' Relationships We've All Been In

by Candice Jalili

Remember when Facebook relationship statuses were a thing sophomore year of high school, and you and your best friend decided it would just be HILARIOUS to say that you were in an "It's complicated" relationship with each other?!

And now it's ten years later and you know it's not funny at all, but you keep forgetting to change it.

That was a nice little trip down memory line, huh? But, anyway, back to the point of this article. "It's complicated" is a BROAD term. Especially when it's not passive aggressively being used to describe your and your 15-year-old best friend's inability to snag any one of your crushes.

No, in a world where real, bonafide, happy, normal relationships are few and far between, "It's complicated" seems to be the new normal. Everyone has their own little "It's complicated" story. And every single one of those stories has its own unique plot.

But there are a few plots that tend to repeat themselves a few more times than the others -- 23 of them, to be precise. Take a look at this list and TELL me you've never found yourself in any of these situations.

  1. The one where you have a toothbrush at his place and have plans to spend next Christmas together, but are still not calling it a "relationship."
  2. The one where you don't love each other anymore, but you're trying to pretend like you still do.
  3. The one where you've been booty calling each other for an awkwardly long time for it to still just be nothing more than a booty call.
  4. The one where you don't hook up anymore, but you still talk a little too frequently for people who hooked up three times four summers ago.
  5. The one where you're pretending like you don't care that you're not exclusive because you don't want to lose him.
  6. The one where you're exclusive but not dating.
  7. The one where you love each other but circumstantially it just isn't going to work so you won't be in a relationship but constantly talk to each other and refuse to date other people.
  8. The one where you're "just friends" but will probably get married.
  9. The one where you're just keeping him around for the attention.
  10. The one where you're technically broken up but not really at all, considering you still hook up all the time.
  11. The one where he's perfect in every way, but you still just don't feel it.
  12. The one where he texts you all the time, then says you're the clingy one.
  13. The one where you're in love with his best friend so you settle for him.
  14. The one where you know you're settling so you silently resent him.
  15. The one where you both like each other and are too afraid to say anything until it just fizzles.
  16. The one where everything is good but the sex.
  17. The one where nothing is good but the sex.
  18. The one where you text three times for every one text he sends but you're hoping the next text he sends will change everything.
  19. The one where you have great texting chemistry but literally no chemistry whatsoever in real life.
  20. The one where your chemistry is through the roof when you're together, but you only hear from him every couple of weeks.
  21. The one where you're on a "break" with unclear terms.
  22. The one where you're good friends who talk about everything except for the fact that you hook up sometimes.
  23. The one you're secretly seeing each other because literally all of your friends hate him so much.