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Chase Stokes' relationship history includes a high school sweetheart.

Chase Stokes' Relationship History Includes A High School Sweetheart

Madelyn Cline isn't the only lady who's ever captured the Outer Banks star's heart.

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If you watched Outer Banks Season 2 in one sitting like I did, then you're likely still thinking about John B. and his iconic neck bandana. Save for a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment in Stranger Things, the Netflix drama series gave Chase Stokes his first major acting role, and ever since Outer Banks premiered in April 2020, fans have been like, um, hi, where have you been all of my life? From his artfully buttoned Hawaiian shirts to his glorious head of hair, the actor is total OBX eye-candy. While you may not be familiar with Chase Stokes’ relationship history, you’re likely aware that the actor is currently taken by his Outer Banks co-star, Madelyn Cline. Sorry, folks.

Stokes and Cline first met while auditioning for their Outer Banks characters, John B. and Sarah Cameron, and their on-screen chemistry was so electric that fans started shipping the actors in real life. However, Stokes didn’t confirm he was dating his fictional love interest until he shared a photo of himself and Cline on a date in June 2020. “Cats outta the bag ❤️,” he captioned the post. Since going public over a year ago, the couple has documented tons of cute moments together on Instagram, giving fans plenty of material to ship both on and off screen.

And though it’s now hard to imagine Stokes with anyone else besides Cline, he did have another serious relationship in the past — and it lasted for nearly a decade.

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Before getting together with Cline, Stokes was in a relationship with his high school sweetheart, Xiomara Montalvo. In Dec. 2016, Stokes and Montalvo were wished a happy seven-year anniversary on Instagram with a cute collage made by Montalvo's mom, Karen, and in April 2016, she shared a throwback photo of the two attending prom six years earlier. Montalvo’s mom also wished Stokes and Montalvo good luck in April 2017 after they moved from their hometown of Orlando to California together. She captioned the photo, “I couldn't be more proud of these two humans, they did all we ask[ed] of them before they decided to follow their hearts and go on an adventure to California.”

It's unclear when exactly the two split, but the last photo Montalvo's mom shared of the couple was in Oct. 2018, when she posted an IG collage in honor of her daughter's birthday. And though Stokes hasn’t said much about the long-term relationship, he did open up about the split during a May 2020 interview with New York Magazine. “I went through a breakup a little bit before quarantine, and it was with somebody I’d been with for almost 10 years,” he said at the time. “I’ve been writing about it, drawing inspiration from the isolation of quarantine — there’s a similar kind of heartbreak involved.” Not long after, the actor became IG official with Cline.

Here’s hoping Stokes and Cline’s relationship continues to stay as hot as their kiss at the 2021 MTV Movie & TV Awards, because that was 🔥.

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