Dating — Why You Should Never Let Others Plan Your Wedding

Everyone knows weddings are about love — a celebration of two people deeply connected with each other, ready to start a lifelong journey together.

Or at least, that's what they're supposed to be about.

For the most part, planning a wedding is an incredibly stressful experience, and the massive to-do list that goes along with it only seems to grow.

From the bridal party to the family to all the other guests, logistics can get complicated and expensive, and it might even start to feel like everyone else's wants and needs become the primary focus instead of, you know, the two people actually getting married.

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For example, the mother of the bride might fixate on making sure only certain people get invited, while the best friend of the groom might desperately want a plus-one that'll take up a valuable seat at one of the tables.

But while all of these disagreements are going on, no one seems to be listening to what the bride and groom have to say.

And if we're being honest, the pressure and stress to make everyone happy could really start to wear down the two people the whole event is about in the first place.

Sleepless nights and endless fights about centerpieces one person doesn't like or who sits next to who aren't worth it. In fact, they can make you forget why you're even getting married in the first place.

The episode of "Disconnected" above examines what happens when two people who are getting caught up in the whirlwind of planning a wedding decide to throw all other opinions out the window and focus on what they really want.

They strip away the unnecessary stress and plan something that will make them happy, regardless of what their friends and family want.

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Your wedding day is about celebrating your new life with the person you love, not catering to the relentless whims of every single guest.

The beginning of this lifelong journey shouldn't be a stressful mess. Instead, it should be a reminder of all the beautiful reasons why you decided to spend the rest of your life with someone.

You shouldn't need a giant party with hundreds of people if you don't want that. All you need is a happy day with your best friend whom you love more than anything.

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