These women are one of the best zodiac pairs for marriage.
These Are The 9 Best Zodiac Pairs For Marriage, So Go Put A Ring On It

Matrimony was written in the stars for these pairings. 💍

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When you think about astrological compatibility, it might be in terms of dating or sexual chemistry. In other words, usually, the short-term. But as it turns out, the stars also have plenty of advice to offer when it comes to long-term compatibility, and in particular the best zodiac pairs for marriage. And while short-term and long-term compatibility might share some common qualities — like whether or not your personality types work well together, along with emotional and sexual harmony — marriage compatibility takes additional factors into consideration. For example, for signs to be compatible for marriage, they need to have shared elements, like values, goals, and preferred lifestyle, since you'll be sharing a life together.

While any combination of zodiac signs are capable of having a happy, healthy marriage, some just make it seem a lot easier to achieve because they naturally mesh well together, so you can’t just rely on your horoscope alone. But in general, these zodiac signs tend to face less points of friction and might not have all that many issues to resolve. You don't absolutely have to be in sync with your partner all the time for a relationship to work and flourish, but it can make your lives a whole lot easier if you are. So, when you're ready to settle down (but not settle), keep an eye out for the sign whose qualities pair best with your own long-term needs.

Cancer & Pisces
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There's no sign as romantically idealistic as Pisces, but they often have a tendency to go all-in on relationships in order to believe the fantasy. This often results in a broken heart for this water sign, but hope springs. It's this rare combination that makes them perfectly suited for Cancer, who — behind their protective shell — is all heart and vulnerability. Pisces is just the sign to crack that shell, and unlike other signs who may have taken advantage of Cancer's softer side, Pisces is worthy of that big, loving Cancer heart. This is a romance rooted in a deep and loving emotional connection, full of affection and mutual attachment.

Aries & Leo

Aries and Leo make for natural companions. As fire signs, these two are eager to get the most enjoyment and pleasure out of life. They both want a partner who's willing to go on adventures and see the world with them — though, in the case of Leo, they're also excited to let the world get their eyes on them. Ruled by Mars, Aries brings passion to the relationship, while the Sun-ruled Leo offers reason and balance. Together, they make fiery duo with great odds of going the distance.

Taurus & Capricorn

Venus-ruled Taurus is all about the hearth and home. This is a sign that just wants to create the most secure and luxurious home life they can, and their dream is to find someone to share it with. Enter Capricorn: a sign that craves security, structure, and a partner to build a life with. Honestly, when these two come together and start building a life, it's an earth-sign match made in the heavens.

Gemini & Libra

For both Libra and Gemini, their greatest fear is settling down and then... well, settling. These are both signs that require ongoing mental stimulation and challenge, and they need a partner with whom they'll never run out of things to talk about. Fortunately, both Libra and Gemini are never short on witty banter. Libra occasionally needs their alone-time to recharge, which in turn gives Gemini time to roam and pursue their own interests and passions. This is just the kind of balance that Libra desires, and it produces the freedom that Gemini needs to be happy and satisfied for the long haul.

Virgo & Taurus

It's difficult for Virgo to find a partner who lives up to their standards and who can also take constructive criticism in the well-intended spirit in which it's given. Taurus is both stubborn and confident enough to stay true to who they are without taking Virgo's feedback too seriously. Additionally, Taurus is so big-hearted and loving that they're able to bring out sides of Virgo they themselves didn't even know they had. Virgo shows love through actions rather than words, and Taurus makes them want to be their most loving self. A partner who helps you to be your very best? That's one you want by your side for a lifetime.

Scorpio & Capricorn
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Scorpio, ruled by Pluto (the planet associated with power) tends to be the dominant partner in most relationships, but when they meet a Capricorn, they discover they're actually happiest in a relationship with a balanced power dynamic. That's because Saturn-ruled Capricorn is a powerhouse in their own right. What really makes this pairing so ideal, however, is that Capricorn is well-suited for Scorpio's water sign side — the part of every Scorpio that just wants to be free to open up their heart and be able to love and fully trust someone. Capricorn's stability and reliability makes this possible. In return, Scorpio brings passion, excitement, and a touch of danger to Cap's otherwise by-the-book life.

Sagittarius & Aquarius

When fire sign Sagittarius meets air sign Aquarius, they fan the flames of what makes them unique rather than trying to tamp down on their individuality. Both of these signs are freedom-focused and need a lot of room to just be themselves. They find a partner who understands that innately in each other. That means there's little pressure to conform, which for both signs can be a major relationship killer. These two can peacefully co-exist long-term, celebrating each other's uniqueness and having a great time along the way.

Aquarius & Aries

Aquarians march to the beat of their own drums, they just aren’t as loud as Aries is about showing it off to the world. But when these two signs get together, they respect the “weirdo” in each other and come to appreciate that they’ve really found a unique soul to match with. An Aries will appreciate how an Aquarius can be fun and social in any setting, whereas the Aquarius will appreciate the space Aries gives them to do their own thing. When these two signs find each other it’s dynamic, intense, and has the potential to last a lifetime.

Gemini & Sagittarius

Although Gemini is an air sign and Sagittarius is a fire sign, when air stokes the fire, it can keep it going for even longer. Sagittarius loves that Geminis are, first and foremost, one of the most loquacious signs, which means they are down to go on any of the adventures Sag proposes and will be sure to make friends while they’re there. Both signs are also closeted nerds, tending to dive head-first into a topic that intrigues them. When these two signs find each other it can be a serious “where have you been all of my life?” moment.

Again, zodiac compatibility isn't destiny. You can love someone who isn't suited for you at all according to the stars. But if you happen to be single and you're looking for a long-term love, you may just want to consider what the heavenly bodies have have to say.

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