5 Ways To Tell If Your Tinder Match Is Actually Worth Meeting Up With

by Tieara
Cloud Studio

Let's face it: You're not getting any younger, or maybe you're just looking for a fling, but either way you're probably online dating. I'm here to help you sift through the fuckboys and the have nots.

If you're not on a dating app, get on one. Start swiping, and don't be shy.

Here are five ways to tell if your Tinder match is a keeper:

1. Upon matching, he doesn't break the ice by saying anything remotely douche-y.

There are two types of guys on Tinder. Guy A will say something along the lines of "You're so hot." Guy B will say "Hi, I read your bio and I'm glad we matched."

Obviously, we want the latter. Being called hot is a great ego booster, but how many other girls are getting that same line? Guy B actually read your bio which shows he's literate, but also that he pays attention. And, he's already glad to have you. It's a win-win.

2. After a while of messaging via Tinder, you exchange phone numbers and he proceeds to contact you first.

If a guy ever says, "Here's my number, text me," lose their number and act like you never met them in the first place. If he isn't eager to text you, or get your number to begin with, chances are he doesn't really care. That, or he's self-absorbed. Both are bad.

A guy who asks to exchange numbers with you and maybe even asks to call is polite. Chivalry is dead and these types of men are keeping it alive. He is asking for permission, and knows not to overstep his boundaries. Basically, he's a go-getter, but he knows the right way to approach a situation.

3. He communicates with you frequently, and on all types of levels.

This is kind of huge. How a guy communicates can explain so much about him, and about the relationship. It shows a tremendous effort, and genuine interest, if a guy acknowledges you and calls you.

If you're getting late night texts that are similar to "Hey, wyd? *Insert smiley face emoji*" he's just looking for a booty call and he's most definitely a fuckboy. Stay far, far away.

Someone who cares to find out what you're doing, and how your day was, will text you while the sun's still up. Bonus points if he voluntarily explains why he hasn't answered your last text fast enough.

4. He makes moves to take you out on a real date, not just asking to "chill."

This is another major sign of a fuckboy. If he's asking you to hang out at his house, or your house, after 9 pm he only has one thing on his mind, and it's between your legs.

A keeper will tell you about a place he's wanted to go for a while, and ask what days you're free to join him. Bonus points if he offers to pick you up, or meet you at your place. He's obviously interested in you and wants to be seen in public with you.

5. He's a nice guy.

Don't get me wrong; bad boys may be appealing, but at the end of the day who wants to waste their time playing games or dealing with attitudes?

So you matched with a guy, exchanged numbers and he's only texted you a handful of times with the last month. You "chilled" with him three nights ago, because you were aching for true love, and now you've found yourself constantly checking your phone to see if he's contacted you.

Newsflash: You've been ghosted. Sorry, not sorry. He's not a nice guy, and it's better that you've figured it out.

You want the guy who will consistently talk to you and ask to take you out. If you've found that, hold on to him and see where the relationship goes.

A nice guy is just that, a nice guy. If nothing else, I can assure you, he's at least good enough for a couple of dates, and worst case scenario, just friends if not a love interest.