Meghan Trainor shares the three must-have beauty products in her routine.

Meghan Trainor's Go-To Beauty Products Include An $8 Lip Oil

The “Been Like This” singer dishes on what’s coming on tour with her.

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One Nightstand
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In Elite Daily’s One Nightstand, your favorite celebs and influencers spill allllllll the details about their holy grail beauty products — the select few they always have within arm’s reach on their nightstand. In this installment, singer and songwriter Meghan Trainor shares the three products she always has on her — whether she’s spending time at home with husband Daryl Sabara and her two kids or touring with her BFF TikToker Chris Olsen.

Meghan Trainor is about to have one of her biggest years. The “Been Like This” singer is preparing for her first U.S. tour since 2016, after she releases her sixth studio album Timeless on June 14.

The 30-year-old tells Elite Daily she’s currently training like an athlete and implementing new exercises daily. “I know I’m going to be jumping around a lot and singing, so I have to get better with my stamina,” she says. Along with switching up her workout routine, Trainor says that when the Timeless Tour kicks off in Cincinnati on Sept. 4, she’ll add new skin care into the mix.

“I do remember popping the gnarliest pimples when I was on [The Untouchables Tour] because my skin was so bad,” she says, which is why she’ll bring along plenty of Mighty Patches and Band-Aids.

Along with her emergency zit essentials, staying hydrated is super important to Trainor, who also says TikTok influenced her to incorporate snail mucin into her skin care routine. “The snail mucin got me for sure.”


Below, the singer, who’s partnering with Freshpet as its first-ever celebrity ambassador, dishes on what products she can’t live without and why they’ve become staples in her household.

Meghan Is On A Hair-Growth Journey

Since giving birth to her two sons, 3-year-old Riley and 10-month-old Barry, Trainor says her hair is pretty damaged. “My hair has taken a beating from all these pregnancies, so I’m trying everything I can to take care of it,” she says, which is why she’s currently on a hair-growth journey.

Trainor says one approach is to apply oil nightly and take vitamins every day, but her real hair hack is to use soft scrunchies for her “mom buns.” “If I’m not working, I’m in a mom bun, and Riley goes, ‘You have a bun,’ and we laugh about it.” She doesn’t have a specific brand she loves but says the softer, the better. “I’m trying to get soft scrunchies — the ones that don’t damage your hair,” she says.

Meghan Believes Your Eyebrows Are Super Important

A person’s eyes may be the windows to their soul, but Trainor thinks your eyebrows are just as important. “They frame your face,” she says, which is why a good eyebrow pencil is the first thing on her list of holy grail products. The pencil of choice for Trainor is Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in taupe. She loves it so much because it has both a pencil and brush to get the perfect eyebrow shape.

Meghan Has Long Been A Fan Of This Lip Oil

Another beauty product in Trainor’s everyday arsenal is E.l.f Cosmetic’s Glow Reviver Lip Oil. She says, “It just keeps my lips so good all day, every day.” Trainor starred in E.l.f.’s 2024 Super Bowl commercial and has praised the lip oil before, telling InStyle she often puts it on right before bed. Her go-to shade is pink quartz, and it’s likely coming with her on the Timeless Tour.

Looking at each one of Trainor’s go-to products, there’s a theme of simplicity. With such a busy schedule, it makes sense that Trainor would want to keep her beauty routine easy. Even she says, “Less is more, dude. I’m exhausted.”