Kelsea Ballerini Relies On A $13 Hair Mask For Her Lush Locks

The Grammy nominee also shares her secret for glowing skin.

One Nightstand
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You know when you’re touching up your makeup in a bar bathroom, and the girl at the sink next to you compliments your blowout hair? That’s the kind of energy Kelsea Ballerini brings to the table. As we chat about her beauty routine, the 30-year-old starts gushing about her favorite lip gloss (more on that later). Seconds later, she whips the product out, telling me it “smells good” and holding it out to me to prove it. (She was right, BTW, the gloss smells like cotton candy.)

For fans of the country singer, this girls-in-the-bar-bathroom energy shouldn’t come as a surprise. The Grammy-nominated singer is best known for her confessional-style lyrics, as if she’s inviting listeners in to a heart-to-heart conversation — one that would inevitably turn to how she gets her hair so shiny (women, we contain multitudes!).

Ballerini’s partnership with Pantene is her latest answer for healthy strands. As she works on her next album, the Rolling Up The Welcome Mat singer has been using the time away from touring to give her hair some TLC. For 12 weeks, the singer relied on Pantene to rejuvenate her hair.

“I'm making the record right now, so I'm in that mode where I'm just going between home and writing sessions or the studio,” she says, making it the perfect time to hone in on the routines that make her feel her best.

Here, Ballerini shares her must-have beauty products for strong hair, glowing skin, and glossy lips.

The Hair Product She Uses For A Weekly Refresh

Ballerini’s known for her blond locks. She recently traded her long hair for a trendy lob — a look she highly recommends. “Chop it off,” she says. “I did it so impulsively, which checks out, but I think it's so cute.”

For keeping her hair healthy and restoring damage, Ballerini’s go-to product is Pantene’s Miracle Rescue Mask. She relies on the treatment for a dose of strengthening lipids and pro-vitamin B5, using it at least once a week for optimal results.

“You can throw it in, put your hair in a slicked back bun, and leave it in. I’ll sleep with it in,” she says. Bonus: According to Ballerini, “It also smells good, so it doubles as a little perfume.”

The Skin Care Product She’s Trusted Forever

Ballerini’s a somewhat recent sunscreen convert (gasp!), but she’s been reaping the benefits of vitamin C for years now. “I just really started buying into the hype of sunscreen a couple years ago, and that's just my biggest thing now, along with vitamin C.”

Her favorite vitamin C serum comes from Skin Pharm, a Nashville-based beauty brand founded by Maegan Griffin. “I know the owner, and I really trust her,” Ballerini explains. “She's so diligent in learning about the products she makes, so I've used her vitamin C for a long time.”

The Makeup Product She’s Constantly Reapplying

Ballerini’s makeup bag must-haves shift depending on her constantly changing schedule. “It depends on if I'm performing on a stage or if I'm just doing a day around Nashville,” she says of her go-to products. “For just a normal day for me right now, I've really leaned into the less is more.”

That approach includes four basics: tinted sunscreen, a blush, a Yummy gloss, and a brow. “That's it,” Ballerini says.

The Yummy Gloss is one she reapplies on a loop. “I've putting it on in between my interviews today,” Ballerini says, holding the bright pink gloss out to show me. “It's sheer. It's not this color because I don't like a ton of pigment.”

“I love these. I wear them every day — every day. It's not normal,” she says.

Ballerini’s also a fan of the shade Acai You Later. “Brownish, plummy lips are in right now, and they have a really good one for that too,” she adds.