This Quiz Will Tell You What Zodiac Sign You Were Truly Meant To Be


I'm horoscope illiterate. Don't get me wrong, I read mine nearly every day and attribute all the bad things I do as “just me being a Scorpio."

But what does that really mean? How does being a jerk make me a Scorpio? How did some dude in Ancient Zodacia decide that every human being ever born will fit into one of these 12 personalities based just on their zodiac signs? I think that's a little rude. I mean, you don't even know me.

And you know what really sucks? When you're reading one of those listicles about something ludicrous like your dream wedding based on your sign, and you like someone else's result more than yours. Just because I'm a Scorpio doesn't mean I don't want an outdoor wedding! Wait, does this secretly make me a Taurus? Am I a Taurus? Was I a Taurus all along?

If you're confused, scared and praying you're not actually a low-key Taurus, this quiz will ease your mind by telling you your TRUE zodiac sign.