WTF Item of the Week: A $90 'Sexy' Pizza Rat Halloween Costume

by Niki McGloster

Stupid things happen every day on the Internet. Still, as soon as I'd realized the Sexy Pizza Rat costume was, in fact, not a joke but a real Halloween getup, I knew the Internet had officially reached peak ridiculousness.

A popular costume retailer describes the ensemble as a "soft, body-hugging grey mini dress" equipped with "two attached pizza slice pockets." It even urges us to "grab a slice" in this silly, little ensemble.

Seriously, WTF.

Unless you're staying at #AHSHotel, you'll recall #PizzaRat's epic journey down the L train steps in NYC as the most Internet thing ever.

Don't remember? Well, articles were erected in this tiny vermin's honor; hashtags dedicated to his bravery. And with reason, since the poor rat braved straphangers and lugged a pizza slice twice his size beneath the city. (Let's see you do that.)

But no matter if you were rooting for the determined rodent or recoiling in disgust, we can all agree no one actually wants to be the Pizza Rat, amiright?

Also, did I mention the costume is $90?

While I was already sure Halloween night will be flooded with insensitive Caitlyn Jenner getups and hipster boys rocking Donald Trump's man bun, I was not expecting my long-tailed spirit animal to be commemorated for trick-or-treating.

But now, thanks to Yandy costumes making too much out of a meme-able thing, I'll be forced to watch even more rats roam the New York Subway.

Even if I don't decide to stay in and watch "Hocus Pocus" for the umpteenth time with candy corn and pumpkin-flavored snacks, I'm certain walking around in a furry dress and black stilettos won't lend well to party-hopping.

Just because every viral thing has maximum potential to gain new momentum does not mean we need to somehow extend its lifetime. (We're looking at you, Kanye West rants.)

Though #PizzaRat's struggles taught us a thing or two about perseverance, the #PizzaRat costume is advising us all to just let some things go.