Women Troll Mike Pence, Send Planned Parenthood 20,000 Donations In His Name

by Zara Barrie

Do you know what I loathe with every fiber of my 30-year-old, nasty woman being? A man telling me what to do with my precious body — a man putting his laws on my precious body.

A man who is dumb enough (yes, dumb, let's not water this down, ladies... ignorance to this extreme level boils down to straight-up stupidity) to think he is remotely justified in having a hand in women's reproductive rights makes me feel both wildly enraged and deeply afraid at the same time.

One of the biggest offenders in the war against women's fundamental, reproductive rights is vice-president-elect Mike Pence.


Oh Mike Pence, what a mortal enemy to women.

If you think I'm being dramatic, let me leave you with this quote from Pence himself: "I long for the day that Roe vs. Wade is sent to the ash heap of history."

I have no words. Not right now. The wounds are too fresh.

But do you want to know what I LOVE with every fiber of my 30-year-old, nasty woman being?



You know who doesn't love Planned Parenthood? MIKE PENCE, BABY. (Do you see where I'm going with this?)

And guess what nasty women who love Planned Parenthood but loathe men attacking Roe vs. Wade are doing? We're donating to Planned Parenthood under the vice-president-elect's name.

According to Indy Star,

Of 160,000 donations made to Planned Parenthood since the election, 20,000 have been made in Mike Pence's name, according to a spokesperson.

That means, in the tiny span of seven days since the election, 12.5 percent of all donations made to glorious Planned Parenthood have been "courtesy" of Mike Pence.

Fierce female celebrities like Amy Schumer are jumping on the bandwagon, too.

As well as regular nasty women like me (and you!).


I've been enthusiastically, publicly and proudly supporting the haven that is Planned Parenthood since I was a pimply 16-year-old, and I have no intention of stopping anytime soon.

After all, Planned Parenthood has been there for me and all of my friends since we were vulnerable, clueless adolescent creatures.

I had my first HIV test at Planned Parenthood; I had my first gynecological exam at Planned Parenthood; I even learned how to properly use a condom at Planned Parenthood.

The organization taught me what consent meant when I was a confused and broken teen, and they held their doors wide open for me when I realized I was a lesbian — always using inclusive language and making me feel totally comfortable in my sexuality (unlike my regular doctor).

I owe so much to Planned Parenthood, as do so many Americans — male, female or anyone in-between.

The light in the darkness of this heartbreaking election is watching so many people vocally stand up for what's fundamentally right.

We're using our voices to let Mike Pence know his anti-woman, anti-queer, anti-choice rhetoric is NOT going to stop us from supporting the organizations that have championed for us for so many years.

Oh, I'll get nasty AF if a man dares to tell me what to do with my body. My body is my holy temple, and I am the keeper of that temple.

Planned Parenthood has been my temple's watch dog, protecting me from men trying to break in (Pence). It's my turn to return the favor.

Planned Parenthood has been my temple's watch dog. It's my turn to return the favor.

And if receiving 20,000 notifications-slash-thank you letters about his donation to Planned Parenthood isn't a blazing reminder to Pence (and men everywhere who are trying to set back the clock on history) that us nasties are just getting fiercer and nastier in the face of their misogyny, I don't know what is, baby.

Donate to Planned Parenthood under Pence's name here.