Wearing These 6 Colors Can Help You Crush All Your 2016 Goals

by Niki McGloster

On my walk home from work recently, I happened to look up and spot pink clouds.

Despite my undying love for Nicki Minaj, I'm not into blush. Still, this soft, cotton candy-like hue immediately made me feel a little more carefree.

Much like music, science has found colors can spark a genuine emotion.

Renowned color expert, Kate Smith, who partnered with T.J. Maxx and Marshalls, tells us shades directly impact all of our life experiences. We react to color on all levels, from social to cultural to personal.

"Color is a powerful organizing tool because you recognize color much faster than reading a label," Smith says.

Smith suggests using red for your to do list, blue for financial documents, green for family and community-related items and yellow for schedules, calendars or items you can't afford to misplace.

If you're not a notetaker, even wearing the colors will help.

As you begin to prepare for a new year, strategically place certain colors in your life to enhance your emotions, behavior and mood.

Get colorful and get out there.

1. Consider white to signify a fresh beginning.

It's customary to switch your style up when a new calendar year begins, so Smith suggests adding touches of white to your life. The color will help you hit reset in 2016.

"Nothing opens up a space and all possibilities the way white does," she says.

You may even want to give your home or office space a fresh color makeover. Not to mention, splurging on a winter white jumpsuit.

2. Red isn't just for the holiday season.

Let colors pepper your wardrobe beyond Ugly Christmas Sweater season.

"Wearing red will make you more productive when doing an activity, which stimulates muscular movement and strength," Smith explains.

Wearing a bold hue might help you get sh*t done.

3. Color can even help lure in your crush.

Choosing the perfect ensemble for any occasion can be stressful, especially when you want to look nice for a potential bae.

Ease your infatuation jitters by putting on red lipstick or donning red nails. It will give you infinitely more confidence.

"Red is known as the color for attention," Smith says. "Surrounding yourself with the appeal-enhancing power of the color of love and romance may be all it takes to woo someone new."

Attention? We love attention.

4. Green will pump up your health and fitness kick.

Going green is more than just a trendy concept.

Wearing an emerald shade can take your ab workout from lazy to "let's do it."

"Green will boost your mood and decrease your perception of the exertion level, making you more likely to exercise more vigorously," Smith explains.

Additionally, Smith says adding greens to your plate play a key role in your perception of food.

"The color green inspires healthy food choices and triggers you to think of vegetables and fresh foods," she explains. "When your plate is colorful, you’ll tend to take smaller portions and, in turn, eat less."

Finally, a meal plan that's easy to enjoy.

5. Yellow and orange are making you spend more.

Let's be clear, you blew your monthly budget because you wanted to. You did not need an entirely new set of dishes.

However, the electric colors brands often use for logos did not help your shopping addiction.

"Colors like red, yellow and orange grab our attention the most and entice us to buy," Smith explains.

However, the colors most likely to make us pull out our wallets are the ones that connect to us at an emotional level.

7. Consider blue when gunning for professional success.

Selecting something blue isn't just for your wedding day.

Sprinkling the sky-colored hue into your power suit or class powerpoint can help project positive characteristics, such as stability, trust, confidence and intelligence.

"Professional success is associated with this color," Smith says. "Wear a designer blue dress or top when attending a business meeting or interview."

Another confidence-boosting trick is to wear a color you love.

Whether it’s black, teal or even tangerine, if it makes you feel great, you will exude a positive energy that says you are ready to take on new challenges and move ahead.