12 Thoughts Kendall Jenner Probably Had After Getting Bangs

At the American Music Awards last night, our favorite Jenner (sorry, Kylie) ditched her usual look inspired by Samara from "The Ring."

Instead of hair curtains, she debuted the chicest bangs known to womankind.

Hear that? It's the sound of a sh*t ton of teenage girls making appointments with their hair stylists.

Brian To/WENN

However, anyone who has ever gotten bangs knows there is no human being whose face fringe doesn't eventually start to look like sad, limp noodles. Not even Kendall is exempt from regret.

Here's what Kenny is probably thinking, post-bangs.

I have to wash these how often?

Every day? Yeah, no.

If Kim can go five days, so can I.

Where the f*ck did my forehead go?

And my eyebrows? And my dignity?

But, I can't see.

I'll just let the sound of a thousand cameras guide my way.

What will Karl think?

Kim warned me about this.

Fact: No Kardashian or Jenner has ever successfully pulled off bangs.


Kris has got to stop texting me “twinsies.”

Stop thinking “bang twins” doesn't sound dirty, Mom.

Who's the Balmain Ballerina now?

Move over, North.

Kourtney will be mad I stole Penelope's look.

Call me when you've walked for Marc Jacobs, girl.

I should've gotten clip-ins.

They would have been gone faster than Kylie's extensions.

When are we patenting Kendall + Kylie Klip Ins?

We could totally make that work.

Did Gigi really think she could one-up my hair reveal?

A lob? Really? As if anyone cares.

F*ck, I'll never work again.

Why isn't Olivier answering my texts?

Olivier?! Uncle Olivier?!