15 Reasons You Should Switch Back To Your Old Flip Phone

In Adele’s new “Hello” music video, the flip phone used by the Brit pop star sent the Internet into a tizzy. Folks started side-eyeing the sh*t out of iPhones.

You might not be in a rush to give up your smartphone like Anna Wintour, but flip phones are trending once again.

Admit it. You miss the days when you weren't a slave to your phone. The Motorola Razr made for simple, straightforward communication.

Now, flip phones have become a sentimental relic of simpler times.

If you're trying to get back in touch with reality but still want to be accessible, reverting back to flip phones might do the trick.

1. You don't have to offer up your first born to afford it.

It's cheaper to dust off your high school era Samsung E620 than upgrade to a $300 smartphone.

Without all the in-app charges and unlimited data plans, you can save enough money to splurge on more decadent things.

2. It fits comfortably into your bra.

On the occasions when you ditch your purse, your flip phone can fit into places your iPhone can't go without being noticeable.

3. You won't receive weekend work emails that spark the Sunday scaries.

No "dog ate my homework" excuse needed.

4. No one will rob you.

Seriously, who wants to steal a phone you can resell for under $30?

5. You won't send mixed messages during sexting.

Instead of sending a tongue, a water droplet and an eggplant emoji, you'll have to suggest sex with actual words.

6. No one can screenshot you.

Feel free to talk sh*t in abundance.

7. Your picture quality is worse than scrambled cable channels.

It's great. Now you have an excuse not to send nudes to the f*ckboy who keeps asking.

8. You can't butt dial.

Long gone are the days of drunk dialing your ex from your ass.

9. You can disconnect from social media.

Without Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, you'll get a much-needed break from all things Kardashian.

10. You can actually talk to people in group settings.

Say "hello" to better interpersonal relationships.

Instead of constantly burying your face in your phone, you can be completely present for face-to-face conversations.

11. You won't crack your phone with one drop.

You would have to snap your Samsung E620 in half to break it.

12. Your phone battery is way more lit.

Your flip phone will last days without needing a recharge.

13. You can avoid annoying group texts.

Now, you can avoid the squad-only message alerts you receive every 20 seconds.

14. You'll stand out.

While everyone's pre-ordering the latest phone, you'll be retro-chic with your Motorola Nextel i860.

15. Connectivity on fleek.

Surprisingly, flip phones are as sophisticated as smartphones. Can you hear me now?