31 Reasons You're Getting The Sunday Scaries

It manifests itself in different ways.

There’s the glow of the clock, reminding you in T-minus 12 hours you will be back at work, starting all over again. There’s the realization that the farthest you’ve come in life is making it through two seasons of Netflix in one day. There’s the early emails, threatening your last precious moments of weekend left.

The Sunday scaries is no phantom anxiety. The dread of relinquishing your weekend freedom is even more terrifying than waking up on at 8 am on Monday morning.

Try as you may to sleep them away, but Sunday scaries attack your nervous system until you find yourself packing your lunch the next day.

In case you're wondering why you seem to always battle with uneasiness, here are all the reasons you can't shake those Sunday scaries.

1. Because you're still not tired of not doing anything.

2. Because all of your plans feel like major commitments.

3. Because your friend group is already calling you to talk about the week ahead. Like, chill.

4. Because you already have 20 work emails about something you still haven't started on.

5. Because you’re still hungover from Friday.

6. Because you want to be high all day without judgement.

6. Because you procrastinated on everything due before 10 am tomorrow.

7. Because you're not looking forward to being sandwiched between a sleeping old man and rowdy high schoolers during your daily commute.

8. Because you drank your way through the weekend. Thanks, drunk anxiety!

9. Because your pajamas are way too cozy to imagine life without them.

10. Because you didn’t wash your hair yet and it's not nearly work-ready.

11. Because you binged-watched "Say Yes To The Dress" marathons all weekend, instead of sleeping.

12. Because you watched the football game at a bar instead of doing anything remotely productive.

13. Because you still haven't cleaned your house, and you know you won't until next weekend.

14. Because you know you have to play professional politics for five days straight.

14. Because you still haven't washed the two piles of dirty clothes laying in the middle of your floor.

15. Because seriously, what are you supposed to wear all week?

16. Because you need to wash your bedding. But then where will you sleep?

17. Because you have absolutely no interest in waking up before noon.

18. Because you dread the overly ambitious workout classes you registered for this week. WTF is a Zuu workout anyway?

19. Because you still haven't caught up on all the trash TV you missed during the week.

20. Because you punished your bank account and now have to live on water and crackers for the rest of the week.

21. Because you don't want to shave.

22. Because this means you have to take a shower.

23. Because you still haven't called your mom back. She will inevitably spend more than an hour questioning every trivial aspect of your life.

24. Because your friends keep explaining their Sunday scaries in your group chat.

25. Because you apparently didn't spend #SundayFunday the right way, according to Instagram.

26. Because you've spent several hours dwelling on why you're single and alone.

27. Because you took YOLO way too seriously.

28. Because you know you have to be a functioning person for five whole days and you can barely manage to do that for more than a couple hours.

29. Because you don't want anyone to judge what or how much you eat for lunch.

30. Because you want to use your own f*ckin' bathroom.

31. Because you want to listen to music as loud as you want, in your underwear, without judgement.