27 Reasons Anna Wintour Is Still A Boss On Her 65th Birthday

by Elite Daily Staff

On this glorious November 3, there are way more things to celebrate than Halloween being over and Taylor Swift's new 1989 album.

It's legendary editor Anna Wintour's 65th birthday! And she doesn't look a day over a worn vintage Hermès leather bag.

Anna Wintour is not only an icon, she is also a fashion legend. She revolutionized the fashion industry to be more respectable and accessible to the public.

In her 65 years on this earth, she has helped launch major designers' careers and spur mega fashion trends. Is there anything this woman can't do besides laugh at a fart joke?

We love Anna almost as much as we love the incredible publication she runs.

Here are all the reasons to celebrate Anna Wintour on her glorious 65th birthday.

1. Her haircut is just as famous as her magazine.

2. She's the only woman who can pull off wearing sunglasses indoors like it's totally natural.

3. She may be ahead of the trends, but Anna still uses a flip phone.

4. She has convinced 73 percent of the population that she's actually made of wax.

5. She has gotten her hair wet exactly one time. And it was for charity.

6. She successfully manages to look unhappy even when she's (rarely) smiling. This is no easy feat; you have to be a true sourpuss to pull it off.

7. This badass quote:

If you can't be better than your competition, just dress better.

8. She got the fashion world to recognize and accept Kim Kardashian by featuring her on the April 2014 cover of Vogue.

9. She has her own brand of Botox. It's called Never Emote And You Won't Wrinkle.

10. She is the most iconic woman in fashion, and she helped shape what the industry is today. Duh.

11. She bumps uglies with Karl Lagerfeld and Alber Elbaz every Sunday night over untouched Chinese food and Bravo TV. See guys, she's just like us!

12. She has supported her daughter, Bee Shaffer, through years of therapy learning to accept that she will never be as famous or successful as her mother. But she will have an incredible wardrobe to make up for it.

13. Her famous icy personality garnered a bestseller and inspired the only movie ever to make us enjoy watching Anne Hathaway. "The Devil Wears Prada" is the best film to rerun on TBS.

14. She has an authentic British accent, which naturally makes her cooler and classier.

15. She likes to champion young, emerging fashion designers and help launch their careers. It's not always about Anna. (But really, it is.)

16. Despite being one of the wealthiest (she earns $2 million a year) and most connected women in the fashion industry, Anna Wintour reportedly receives a $200,000 clothing allowance. Now that's what we called being a Lady Boss.

17. She only dines on the trimmings of coat sleeves and young models' low-fat skeletons.

18. Anna is a patriot. In 2012, she threw a very exclusive, $40,000-a-plate dinner at Sarah Jessica Parker's house for the Democratic Party.

19. She has won the prestigious Intimidation Award for inadvertently scaring young interns into sh*tting their pants upon first glance at her.

20. She once said this profound quote about personal style:

Create your own style. Let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.

21. Her influence, talent and brains have made millions of people appreciate fashion and understand the artistic depth of the industry.

22. Girlfriend isn't afraid to tell it like it is. Anna is very outspoken about her intense distaste for fat chicks.

23. She doesn't care about the haters (really). Anna loves fur. PETA hates Anna. Anna is still winning.

24. She was named the 39th most powerful woman in 2014 by Forbes. Anna remains the number one most constipated woman in fashion, though.

25. She has never taken a selfie. We respect her immensely for this.

26. Anna wakes up at 5 am and conducts a secret society of fashion gods who tell her exactly what to wear and how to pout.

27. Anna Wintour has had the same haircut for nearly 25 years and still remains edgy and trendsetting.