9 Ways I'll Treat Myself This Valentine's Day Instead Of Going On A Date

by Niki McGloster

Being single on Valentine's Day doesn't have to be a sob story. This year, I'm cutting out all the "woe is me" and taking the day to show myself love.

It's sweet to be showered with roses, but it's not the end of the world if I have to spend the night swiping through Bumble, instead. Give me "Broad City" reruns and a cozy onesie, I'm in heaven. I don't mind dating myself for the day and being my own Valentine.

Look, I'm no love Scrooge. If you're already coupled up, by all means, enjoy a special, romantic-comedy kind of night. I don't plan to ruin my mascara waiting for a 6-foot-something Cam Newton lookalike to come knocking on my door.

Instead of waking up and cuddling, I'll like my loved ones' Instagram pics.

While all my friends are eating breakfast their hubbies cooked and posting their kids' snot bubbles, I'll show my appreciation by leaving a few "Happy Valentine's Day" exclamations and heart emoji in their comments.

Love isn't just only about romance, it's also my girlfriends and my family. Even if I don't have bae waking me up every morning, I'm happy for the love from my complacent Valentines.

Instead of breakfast in bed, I'll make myself heart-shaped waffles.

To dodge all the V-Day PDA that's surely happening outside, I'll whip up breakfast to enjoy while re-watching season 2 of "Orange Is The New Black."

I should probably hit the gym after inhaling breakfast, but not even my playlist will be able to peel me away from my couch.

Instead of going to the salon, I'll give my hair special TLC.

Lately, I've been giving my tresses some extra attention to revive them from heat damage and a botched dye job.

Since I've been on a strict routine, Saturdays and Sundays are dedicated to some much-needed hair care. This year, V-Day falls on the weekend, so I'll be doing just that.

Instead of a spa day, I'll give myself a mani and pedi.

A deep tissue massage at the Trump Hotel would be nice. However, I'm footing my V-Day bill this year, so I'll opt for an at-home beauty treatment.

My manicurist may kill me for trying to DIY my own nails, but soaking my toes and tending to my cuticles while listening to Sade helps me relieve stress for free.

Instead of spooning, I'll catch up on some reading.

Currently, I'm rotating "Women Who Run With Wolves," "The Wait" and "Between Lovers," which I'm reading for the 80th time.

Most days, I'm chained to my phone or my laptop, leaving me only enough time to sneak in a few pages on the subway. I'm taking full advantage of this day.

Instead of shopping for lingerie, I'll pick up a few household items.

I've been dying to buy some floating shelves and spruce up my place in time for spring.

Right now, my apartment feels like a college dorm. I'm constantly trying to transform it into a place fancy enough to invite my friends to hang out in.

Instead of buying Edible Arrangements, I'll buy myself some candles.

I'm not clueless enough to send myself flowers. I'd much rather purchase a Diptyque Paris candle for my place.

They bring a peaceful energy to my space and make me feel more relaxed. Bonus? They last longer than any rose I've ever received, so it's a win-win.

Instead of a dinner date for two, I'll take myself on a food adventure.

There's something about being alone that makes me want to try new things. I've been dying to try a restaurant called Vandal, so I'll take myself up on my own offer.

A table for one doesn't make ambiance and a good meal any less romantic. It's totally normal to eat out alone, so don't be weird about it. If you're feeling like a loner, however, bring a book or pen and pad to keep you busy.

Instead of making love, I'll masturbate and fall asleep.

After a day of self-pampering and good food, showing myself love in the most literal sense is the best nightcap.