5 Sexy Lingerie Pieces Every Woman Should Own By The Time She's 25

by Niki McGloster

I treat my thongs, bras and boyshorts a lot like socks. They're not-so-neatly tossed in a drawer with no particular order or arrangement.

The chaotic clutter somehow makes it easier for me to find what I need, no matter if it's a piece for guaranteed sex or a trip to the grocery store.

But, when my friend invited me to her sexy-meets-cozy slumber party a few weeks ago, I realized I was not adulting in the panty department.

That's when I knew it was time to equip my lingerie arsenal with more mature accouterments.

My lingerie drawer runneth over. It's mostly PINK undies, but there are a few lace Journelle goodies sprinkled in.

A woman's got to be prepared for every situation, right?

Quality lingerie is pricier than your regular five-for-$25 deal, but it will last longer and feel better. If you shop strategically, you can rack up the right pieces without going broke.

1. A strapless bra for wild nights out or sexy nights in.


An ill-fitting strapless bra is more uncomfortable than a Miley Cyrus show.

Word of advice? Toss it out with your Barbies. Constantly having to adjust it can ruin a great outfit.

If you're not one to go ever go braless, doing the legwork to find a suitable strapless number is worthwhile.

Wear this when: You want to wear a strapless maxi dress, minus the early millennium tackiness.

Buy: Lace and Mesh Strapless Bra, Topshop, $38

2. A lace bralette to put on a show.

Lula Lu

See-through tops get a bad rap, but a peeking nipple never killed anyone.

Since you've outgrown your "Jersey Shore" days, show skin in a sophisticated way. When you're trying to make a fashion statement even underneath a sheer blouse, enlist a sexy lace bra.

Wear this when: You want to show some skin and make your bra a part of the outfit.

Buy: Hanky Panky Stretch Lace Bralette, Lula Lu, $38

A bustier for the bedroom.


You could probably look chic wearing a bustier and jeans back in 2013.

Now? Not so much.

Still, it should be a staple in your lingerie collection. When you want to feel sexy behind closed doors or practice your "Showgirls" moves, a bustier comes in handy.

Wear this when: You have an adult slumber party with your man.

Buy: Marie Meili's Chloe Bustier, Target, $32

A lace teddy to show off your hard-won body.

Victoria's Secret

You haven't exhausted your love for bodysuits until you've worn one in the bedroom.

Long gone are the days of sneaking around your mom's house to f*ck your man, so mature your sex game with more than just toys.

This all-in-one garment will make you feel like a VS Angel, even when you're trying sometimes-funny sex moves.

Wear this when: You just killed it at a pole dancing class and feel body confident.

Buy: Sexy Little Things Lace Teddy, Victoria's Secret, $30

Seamless panties for work and play.

Bare Necessities

Going commando isn't always the best option.

Swap out a few of your period-stained cotton panties for no-show, nylon undies.

You'll barely know you're wearing them. As an added bonus, they're much gentler on your skin.

Wear this when: You're on your period and that little black dress still requires no VPLs.

Buy: Calvin Klein Invisible Thongs, Bare Necessities, 3 for $30