43 Signs You're At The Peak Of Adulthood Before Even Turning 30

by Niki McGloster

Obsessing over staying young forever is childish. No judgment, but why not grow up?

If you thought you reached adulthood somewhere between curfew-less campus life and graduation, think again. Life post-degree matures you in ways you don't recognize until you start asking cleaning ladies the difference between microfibers and Swiffers.

That's when you also realize you're #adulting harder than AARP.

At this point, you've done every conceivable adult thing short of a retirement plan. That's nothing to be ashamed of. Newsflash: You're not washed up.

Be careful, your adult is showing!

Here are the 43 signs you've reached peak adulthood in your 20s. You're probably more excited about growing old than you thought.

1. You make your bed in the morning.

Be honest, you never did this before the age of 24.

2. You willfully look up new elaborate recipes.

Freshly steamed mussels, anyone?

3. You send iCal invites for meetings and casual lunch dates.

If it's not scheduled, it didn't happen.

4. You make teeth whitening appointments.

You also floss regularly.

5. You give advice to underage drinkers.

You've officially become the wise elder.

6. Your idea of Sunday Funday is a trip to Home Depot to finish your DIY floating shelves.

You'll be a Pinfluencer in no time.

7. You use coasters with enthusiasm.

Seriously, you go all Mommy Dearest about water rings on your new adult dining room table.

8. You negotiate your salary without anxiety.

F*ck unequal pay.

9. You have a first aid kit.

You're basically a nurse.

10. You have enough Xanax and Amoxicillin to make a hospital jealous.

You can pretty much cure everything from the flu to a UTI.

11. You finally bought a damn Brita (and replacement filters).

The perfect complement to your Keurig.

12. You check your 401k account balance.

Come on. The fact that you even have a 401k is probably the most mature thing you've done since doing your own taxes.

14. You pay your bills with autopay.

What once terrified you now gives you peace of mind.

15. You look at your bank account with pride after a night out.

It's not overdrawn.

16. You schedule your doctor's appointments without your mom's constant reminders.

Hey, no one said being independent would be easy.

17. You actually get a fresh manicure before your nails chip.

Mature nails are never undone, ladies.

18. You do laundry way before you wear your last pair of panties.

And you're too financially responsible to keep buying more.

19. You can't remember the last time you blacked out.

Seriously, you can't remember.

20. You'll cook before you order from Seamless.

Healthy options only.

21. You actually cook breakfast on weekends.

Before 10 am.

22. You use your ClassPass regularly. 

What is life without spin?

23. You never have split ends.

You and your hairstylist are practically BFFs.

24. When you're confused about life, you don't call your parents.

Your trust your own thought process way more these days.

25. You spend less time on social media.

Why waste your prime years tweeting?

26. You're mature enough to dress appropriately for your shape.

You won't be caught dead in a tween-sized baby tee.

27. You have actual dinnerware.

You have a grown-up apartment now.

28. You host a dinner party that doesn't end in scattered Solo Cups and vom.

Even your apartment is #adulting at this point.

29. You wash dishes before you run out of silverware.

No plastic ware!

30. You swapped your Seventeen magazine subscription for Forbes and Real Simple.

For your adult coffee table, of course.

31. You talk about condoms.

Raw or protected, you're both already on the same page.

32. You're brave enough to run red lights.

The last day of your period doesn't stop the show.

33. You don't need a guarantor for your apartment.

Nothing's more lit than financial independence.

34. You don't go a day without poppin' pills.

Ya know, like One A Days and such.

37. You actually go out to eat after a hookup.

Sushi after sex? Why, yes.

38. You have pajamas for every occasion.

A white tee just doesn't cut it anymore.

39. You have a designated day of the week for cleaning your house.

All hail Clorox Wipes.

40. You send texts without consulting friends first.

You don't always need your friends' two cents to make dating decisions.

41. Skin prep before bed is a must.

Eye cream, anti-aging serums, etc.

42. You buy top shelf alcohol and don't drink it all in one day. 

You're no longer interested in getting drunk in one sitting.

43. Your idea of an epic Friday night is hibernating under your covers. 

It's certainly not going to the club in six-inch heels.