Shay Mitchell Joins The Growing Gang Of Celebs Faking Dramatic Hair Changes

Pop quiz time. Which is more easily recognizable: "Pretty Little Liars" star Shay Mitchell or her hair?

If you spend any time perusing Instagram, chances are good it's the latter.

When she's not acting or gently dry-humping Nick Jonas, Mitchell is something of an Instagram it girl, uploading photos of her luscious mane for the world to see.

Yesterday, celeb stylist Chris Appleton posted a photo that appeared to show he'd chopped her long locks into textured lob.

But this is the internet, and most celebrities are purposely messing with you. They have nothing better to do.

According to Appleton, the man who also turned out to be behind Kim Kardashian's recent lob fake-out, Mitchell's look was actually just a partial wig.

Or, what he actually said was, “It's all an illusion.” His phrasing really brings a sense of mystique to the whole affair, which I appreciate.

To create the look, Appleton sectioned off the top, shorter layers of Mitchell's hair and clipped them up. Then, he braided back the longer pieces on the bottom.

He installed a half-wig piece under the crown of Mitchell's head to amp up volume before letting the top down.

Faux lob in place, Appleton set about styling. Whereas Kim went for maximum sleekness and blunt ends, Mitchell's look is a little more Coachella.

Appleton trimmed her ends with a razor and spritzed Justin Bieber-favorite Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray at the roots for volume. Finally, he added waves with a curling iron, alternating curl directions to make the spirals look more natural.

The result? Wavy, beachy texture without any of the weight from length.

Notably, this isn't the first time Mitchell's turned to a wig instead of actually cutting her hair. In June, she tried out a blonde look for the iHeartRadio Music Video Awards.

Of course, the average woman isn't about to go out and by a half-wig to recreate Mitchell's look, but a faux bob isn't hard to achieve.

YouTube is packed with tutorials about how to realistically hide your length for a day.

Happy lobbing.