Taylor Swift Is Making 'Lazy Girl' Hair Happen With These Air-Dried Curls

Oh, to be a celebrity. Because we don't really know anything about them as people, we can project whatever we'd like to onto them.

Case in point: Taylor Swift.

She's a swirling tropical storm of identities: the good girl country star, the platinum blonde beloved by Vogue's Anna Wintour and the girl-power activist who took on Kim Kardashian and lost. Amidst all the headlines and luxury love vacations, it can be challenging to remember there's a living, breathing human being underneath all that lipstick and mystique.

In early August, however, candid shots of Swift on vacation remind us that even the world's biggest stars sometimes can't be bothered to pick up a blow-dryer.

No, heat-styling as a trend is definitely out. And when you do use a hot tool, it's important to make it look as if it's just a better version of your natural hair.

While attending a birthday party for Mikey Hess in the Hamptons, T. Swift showed off natural curls that haven't seen the light of day since at least 2010.

They weren't discretely touched up with a curling iron, either. They just got gently tousled with product to keep down the seaside frizz.

Think of Swift's "lazy girl" hair as the follicular version of “no makeup” makeup.

Anecdotally, I've been hearing the same thing from nearly every hair stylist I've met for the last six months. Their clienteles want volume and texture, but nothing that resembles a real housewife's TV wig.

Gone are the perfect curls and Serena van der Woodsen waves. They've been replaced by hair that looks a lot like you showered and then slept on it. Or, if you're me, hair you actually showered and slept on.

While Taylor has the advantage of hair that knows what it wants to do, even after so many years of blowouts, some of us have to work harder.

I've been obsessed with R+CO's Rockaway Sea Salt Spray, which creates tousled volume when spritzed at my roots and scrunched into damp or dry hair. Another cult favorite is Bumble and Bumble's Surf Spray, which has 30,000 “loves” on Sephora.

Are you more like Tay-Tay and trying to battle uncontrollable curls or waves without your diffuser?

Try a product with more control, like DevaCurl's SuperCream Coconut Curl Styler or Not Your Mother's Defining Hair Cream. They'll stay put even when you rap with Nelly, as normal people do.

Although you may not be exactly like an international pop star relaxing in the Hamptons, there's no reason your hair can't look like it.

With all the extra sleep you'll be getting, you might as well live the Taylor life.