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Domestic Violence And Money Often Go Hand-In-Hand, Here's How To Stop It


Financial abuse, also called economic abuse, is a real thing that tennis star and mom-to-be, Serena Williams, is determined to shine a light on.

The star athlete has just joined the Allstate Purple Purse Foundation, an organization that raises money to fight domestic violence, including financial abuse, as reported by Mic.

According to, financial abuse happens when people are forced to do things like check in with every spending choice, or receive an "allowance," even though they do not want it.

They can have their money or their family's money stolen by their partner, be made to sell their stuff for money, forced to sign over "power-of-attorney," or might be forced to work for their partner or family business with little or no pay.

Financial hardship, whether or not caused by a partner, also contributes to the reason why many domestic violence victims do not leave their abusive relationships.

The Purple Purse Foundation works to end this by raising money to help victims, providing financial empowerment classes, and providing a career empowerment curriculum.

Williams And The Project Released A Sobering Hidden-Camera Purse PSA

In the video, a purple purse is left behind in a ride-sharing car. The phone gets alerts repeatedly, a rider hears it, and checks them. He or she finds that the alerts are text messages saying things like:

Each person meets up with the owner of the purse — after she calls and tells them where to meet to return it to her — and they all ask if she's OK and acknowledge they saw the texts she received.

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The video ends with a powerful message that says,

It was the perfect visual to show how financially abusive relationships play out in real life.

According to the National Network to End Domestic Violence,

Williams shared her reasons for championing the cause with Mic, saying,

Serena Williams Isn't The First Celebrity To Join The Purple Purse Project

Scandal front woman, Kerry Washington, became the project's ambassador in 2014 and has helped design three purple purses to raise money for the cause.

She told InStyle magazine in a 2014 interview,

Her latest bag was released in March 2017.

Kudos to Williams and Washington for committing themselves to bringing awareness to a cause that so many people are not paying enough attention to.