This Detail About Serena Williams' Pregnancy Proves She's A Complete Legend

by Katie Corvino

WOAH! HUH? WHAT? Big news!

Serena Williams is five months pregnant with her first child and no one can handle it.

On April 19, the 35-year-old Olympic gold medalist made the announcement on Snapchat, posting a mirror selfie of her adorable baby bump.

She posed wearing a yellow one-piece swimsuit and captioned the photo,

20 weeks.



Her fans went to Twitter to congratulate the athlete and express their excitement over the announcement.

However, a bunch of people seemed to make an INCREDIBLE realization about Serena Williams' pregnancy.

You see, if Serena has been pregnant for 20 weeks, THAT MEANS SHE HAD A HUMAN INSIDE OF HER WHEN SHE WON THE AUSTRALIAN OPEN.

Yup! Back in January, the athlete made headlines for her 23rd Grand Slam singles title. THIS WOMAN IS A LEGEND.

Obviously, people on social media went insane. All hail Serena Williams. Bow down, peasants. We are not worthy.


I can't even put a bra on in the morning and Serena Williams won a Grand Slam while pregnant. Let that sink in, people. We are all worthless.


I want to get Serena's face tattooed on my back and her baby's ultrasound pic painted on my ceiling. Anyone have $5,000 I can borrow? This will be expensive.




Since the tournament, Serena Williams has withdrawn from events in Indian Wells, California, and Miami because she had a knee injury.

She is on the entry list for the Madrid Open which begins May 5, so this baby is gonna come out of the womb with a six-pack.

Her child isn't even born yet and it'll be more jacked than I ever will be in my life.

Serena, you're gonna raise a star. Maybe I won't even give birth 'cause my kid will just be... sad.

Congrats again to the wo-man, the myth, the legend.

Way to make us all look bad.

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