19 Times Having A Resting Nice Face Absolutely Ruins Your Life

by Ashley Fern

By now, everyone is more than familiar with the concept of Bitchy Resting Face — you know, that less-than-impressed look displayed across a person's face day in and day out.

We all have that one friend who, no matter what the f*ck the situation is, will have a look of sheer angst on her face, and while she might argue it causes more harm than good, some of us envy it.

There are, in fact, loads of times we wish we had a Bitchy Resting Face so people would just not speak to us, but unfortunately, there are others who suffer from a different condition.

Today, we are introducing a new concept into your life that pretty much sums up this different condition, one that we refer to as: Resting Nice Face.

What is this new and unforeseen condition? This is the unintentional, sincere and welcoming expression a person displays across his or her face at all times despite feeling the complete opposite way on the inside.

Basically, it's here, and it's ruining lives everywhere. Do you know how annoying it is to be approached by a stranger when you're in a terrible mood, but your face says otherwise?

Exactly — the struggle is real.

So how is RNF destroying lives and social interactions everywhere? Well...

1. Solicitors on the street are relieved when you walk by

The day in the life of a solicitor has got to be the most defeating day out there. They spend hours outside trying to catch people's attention, so it's no surprise when they see your friendly face walk by, they try and immediately stop you.

2. Your hairdresser can and will take advantage of you

You look friendly and welcoming, so why wouldn't someone who spends his or her day creating new looks use you as a guinea pig? Trust me, having a RNF is the quickest way to get a Rachel haircut.

3. It's basically impossible to efficiently walk through the cosmetics aisle in a department store

You are the target demographic when it comes to free applications of makeup and perfumes. Is there no worse attack than an assault of terrible smells all at once?

4. People always try to scam you

You may have the face of an angel, but it doesn't mean it's working in your favor. In fact, it's doing the complete opposite, especially when you attempt to bargain hunt.

5. People assume you're listening to their excessive word vomit

Your friends may be continuously rambling on, but that doesn't mean one word of what they've said has registered in your mind. Maybe this is something you should keep to yourself...

6. People feel really comfortable sharing personal details with you

You have no idea why people would choose to disclose the things they do to you, but it really hasn't stopped them from revealing their most personal secrets. It doesn't matter you never reciprocate the conversation; the information keeps flowing.

7. You get approached on public transportation all of the time

Taking public transportation is annoying enough without people badgering you on your journey. Maybe it's time to invest in one of those winter ski masks...

8. Old people love you, regardless if you love them back

You are a sounding board for the geriatric community, and you can't really understand why, since you have absolutely no patience for, well, anything.

9. People always invade your personal space

You hate being touched, you hate being hugged upon meeting someone, and you can't understand why people kiss others goodbye.

It doesn't make sense to you, and it never will despite the fact that your face looks like it welcomes all of these encounters.

10. If you ever look upset, everyone wants to know what's wrong

On the off chance your RNF turns into a BRF, everyone, and I mean everyone, will want to know what the F is going on with you.

11. Men take it as an invitation to stare at you

Your RNF often gets mistaken for flirtation, when in reality, that's just the way your face looks.

12. People ask you for directions all of the time

You may have no idea where the f*ck it is you are going, but that doesn't hinder people from asking you for directions. You think you've found the solution to this problem yet...

13. Despite having headphones in, people still approach you

Isn't wearing headphones the universal symbol for "f*ck off?" Isn't that why people in offices typically wear headphones, even if there is no music playing? Or is that just me?

14. In a store, people think you work there

It's happened once, it's happened twice — you know you've been standing there, browsing which box of tampons to get, and suddenly, you feel someone tap your shoulder while asking where the toothbrushes are.

15. Waiters always ignore your table

You haven't had your glass filled with water since you've been seated, and at this rate, you never will.

16. Your boyfriend always thinks your fights are over when they're not

It may look as if everything is back to normal, but inside, that's far from the case. This only pisses you off more and ignites yet another fight altogether.

17. When you say you're fine, people actually think you're fine

Everyone knows when a girl says she is fine, there's a solid chance she isn't actually fine. What does she really mean? Who knows, but there are endless options to choose from.

18. People underestimate your intelligence

Why can't you have a nice looking face and be smart? Some stereotypes will just never be broken, no matter how hard we try.

19. People mistakenly think you're nice and innocent

When in reality, you are one cold-hearted motherf*cker on the inside.

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