12 Non-Traditional Wedding Shoes That Are Way Trendier Than High Heels

Vera Lair

When planning a wedding, there's a mile-long list of things to do. Brides-to-be have to worry about everything from the honeymoon limo to the crafting the perfect wedding day hashtag. Somehow, though, it all manages to get done.

On the day of the wedding, however, all you have to worry about is getting your bridal outfit absolutely perfect. And, not tripping up the aisle in your fancy wedding shoes. If you opt for high heels, as many brides do, it'll take all you've got to make it through the first dance without collapsing.

I don't know about you, but I just don't do well in heels above 3 inches. Although my feet have pretty high arches (if I do say so myself), I still manage to be in screeching pain all night long if I try to experiment with sky-high heels. On a day as important as my wedding day, I want to be on the dance floor all night without having to worry about my feet throbbing in pain the next day.

Lucky, swapping high heels for shorter shoes doesn't have to mean sacrificing style. There are so many options out there that balance comfort with the latest fashion trends.

Scroll on, my shoe-loving brides. Meet me on the ground floor.

Lace-up flats are super trendy right now. Why not rock them for your big day?

Something pink? Check. Glitter? Check. No chance of foot blisters? Check.

These dreamy sandals will satisfy any bohemian bride.

Dazzling flats go super well with mountains of tulle.

Flats don't have to be boring. Enter these jewel-encrusted beauties.

You can't go wrong with a short, chunky heel, flower details and pop of something blue.

Be the picture of lace and elegance in these super short, delicate heels.

Why not go the complete non-traditional route with these sparkly flip-flops you can dance all night in?

Make a bold fashion statement by bedazzling your old Converse.

These sparkly wedge shoes are comfortable and gorgeous.

Add a pop of pink to your wedding day outfit with chunky, jewel shoes.

Love Louboutin shoes, but hate 6-inch heels? Try these amazing flats on for size.