Which Wedding Gown Style Is Perfect For Your Personality? (Quiz)

by Leeor Bronis
20th Century Fox

Like nearly every woman, you've had the perfect wedding gown dreamed up in your head since the first time you watched "Cinderella" at age 5.

Like your taste in food, music and Disney princes, however, your personal style has vastly changed since then. It's only natural your shift in personality would make those once-beloved puffy Cinderella sleeves completely repulsive to you now.

Sometimes, the best way to find the dress of your dreams is to pick a style that most closely matches your personality. After all, your brain and natural charisma are what led you to find the love of your life, and it's important to may homage to that when choosing a wedding gown. You want your outfit to feel like you, not some elaborate version of what you think a bride is supposed to look like.

Still confused? Take this quiz to find the best dress silhouette for your personality type.