7 Motherhood Quotes From Celebrities That Prove No Parent Is Perfect


First-time celebrity moms may have nannies and careers that allow them to provide the best lives for their children, but the guilt, sacrifice and worry of being a new mom never fades.

For Millennial moms, these concerns are more pertinent than ever before. 

Nowadays, it's tough figuring out the best advice for yourself and your child when there's an onslaught of articles spewing out different viewpoints. When is it socially acceptable to stop breastfeeding? Why do people keep forwarding me articles about how Victoria's Secret models get fit after having a baby?

It's hard to comprehend that beautiful, wealthy Hollywood actresses would also struggle with a lot of the same issues you experience as a new mom.

Their motherhood quotes may not be perfect, but they're certainly relatable. With Mother's Day coming up, give yourself a break and listen to these leading-lady mamas.

When people say you're obsessed with your kid, Jessica Biel understands your fixation.

When you become a mom and don't have time for petty drama, take a cue from Keira Knightley.

When you struggle to hit your goal weight, Olivia Wilde says to laugh it off.

When you're worried about what your daughter will get up to at 16, Naya Rivera feels your pain.

When you're adulting at rapid speed, Zooey Deschanel wants you to feel proud.

When you're struggling to leave your baby for the first time, Zoe Saldana knows how you feel.

When every day with your kid is a new adventure, Lucy Liu sums the feeling up perfectly.