These Makeup Looks Inspired By Kanye West Album Covers Are Incredible

You can find artistic inspiration in all sorts of everyday things.

Not too long ago we introduced you to Tim O. You know, that fierce AF dude who flexed his love for food by matching his makeup palettes to his favorite munchies?

Well, if you thought watching Tim O. contour his face with a hamburger was seriously entertaining, you'll be glad to know this fabulous fella isn't the only one out there to incorporate life passion into looks.

Sarah Khan is a beauty guru from Houston who uses her favorite music as makeup inspo.

Kanye's music, to be exact.

That's right. This talented gal recently set out to create all sorts of gorgeous looks inspired by the artwork on Kanye West's album covers.

In an interview with Cosmopolitan, Kahn explains,

I love Kanye and I love makeup, so I thought it would be so cool to put two of my favorites together and create makeup looks inspired by my favorite artist's album covers.

This flawless Kanye West fan posts all of her glorious Yeezy-inspired looks to Twitter, and so far she's mastered everything from epic Pablo palettes to College Dropout cosmetics.

Kahn says,

When I posted my first look, which was inspired by The College Dropout album cover, many people really liked it and began requesting for me to do looks inspired by his other albums too, so I started doing one look a day.

Seriously, you're going to love these beaut-Ye-ful looks more than Kanye loves Kanye.

Check out the pictures below to see all of Khan's epic Kanye West-inspired makeup.

The Life of Pablo

The Life of Pablo — Sarah Khan (@itsSarahKhan) July 18, 2016

The College Dropout

college dropout — Sarah Khan (@itsSarahKhan) July 17, 2016

Late Registration

Late Registration — Sarah Khan (@itsSarahKhan) July 24, 2016

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy — Sarah Khan (@itsSarahKhan) July 20, 2016

Watch The Throne

Watch the Throne — Sarah Khan (@itsSarahKhan) July 22, 2016


GRADUATION — Sarah Khan (@itsSarahKhan) August 9, 2016


YEEZUS — Sarah Khan (@itsSarahKhan) July 19, 2016

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