This Guy Figured Out How To Use Fast Food To Apply Makeup


People on Instagram love showing off two things: Selfies and pictures of food. We've even shown you this Instagram makeup artist, Tim O -- who goes by skelotim on social media -- who combines the two to create amazing makeup looks inspired by junk food.

And now he's gone further. He recently posted a video of how to contour using actual food... because apparently he had nothing else to use.

If this catches on, I'd look into what holding up a burrito to your face does to your skin, but for Tim, it's apparently the perfect contouring tool.

Makeup and application tools can be pretty pricey so I totally get not having anything else but hot sauce to use for lip gloss.

He literally holds up a french fry to his eye to do a cat eye -- or what I'm going to call, a french freye.


He doesn't limit himself to only using the edible parts of food. He's really resourceful.


Yeah, that's a burrito.


You know this probably tastes better than actual lip gloss.


The burrito thing seems to really do it for him.


I'm not sure I've ever seen anyone who loves food and makeup this much.


This guy is out of fucks to give. I love it.


My question is, did he finish eating the hamburger after it touched his makeup and face? Or did he save it for the next time he needed to apply makeup?

People use food for a handful of beauty-related routines, like face masks. This just seems like the natural next step.

I honestly couldn't tell you much about contouring to save my life, but this makeup artist is basically Picasso, breaking all the rules and everything.

Aside from the genius insanity of using junk food as makeup tools, skelotim shows us we should all embrace our inner junk food-obsessed selves. If anything, his looks are really just a great excuse to go out and buy some burritos.

In a weird way, it makes sense that the combination of food and makeup looks this good. Next time I want to try a new makeup technique, I'm just going to open my fridge.

Here's his tasty tutorial in full: